Mechanical Engineer


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Job Description:

Bahirdar agro processing PLC/BAPP is a company under establishment/project implementation level. Currently BAPP want to hire a competent mechanical engineer whose specific duties and responsibilities will be:
  • Preparation of specification for input materials, equipment & machinery in collaboration with other engineers/chemists/technologists.
  • Preparation & review of different terms of references/TOR related with the project technology in collaboration with other engineers/chemists/technologists.
  • Preparation & review of different contract documents related with the project technology.
  • Participates in the preparation & review of the overall project implementation plan of the company.
  • Prepares software/PMS assisted short term action plan cascaded from the general project implementation plan.
  • Conduct project implementation risk assessment as a member of technical team.
  • Makes a though follow up of turn key supplier aided with action plan and as per executed contract.
  • Makes a though follow up of the technology consultant aided with action plan and as per executed contract.
  • Verification and approval of deliverables received from the technology consultant.
  • Approval of deliverables received from turnkey supplier and other suppliers.
  • Request advices and verifications of all turnkey supplier related issues from the technology consultant.
  • Verify and implement advices from technology consultant during the follow up of turnkey supplier.
  • Administration of contract with turnkey supplier, with technology consultant and with other suppliers.
  • Participates & pays valuable contribution in project implementation technical team.
  • Participates & pays valuable contribution in a meeting with all kinds of consultants, with suppliers, with contractors and with shareholders.
  • Participates & gets appropriate training from suppliers and technology consultant.
  • Participates & pays valuable contribution to the project in different committee’s as assigned (e.g:-purchase committee, etc).
  • Accomplish and is responsible to be engaged in any tasks and project implementation activities as assigned by the company.
  • Responsible for professional handling of mechanical, thermal, etc.  related technology of the project.

Job Requirements:

  1. Qualification:- Bachelor of science in mechanical engineering
  2. Work experience:- minimum of three years of work experience specifically in manufacturing project under implementation:
  • Experience in machine & equipment supplier selection,
  • Experience in evaluation and follow up of turnkey project suppliers,
  • Experience in participation  of tender process including tender document preparation,
  • Experience in team work
  1. Skills required:
  • Application & use of different soft wares including auto CAD,  solid work, CATIA, PPT, Microsoft word, and PMS,
  • Understanding  & interpretation of design, specification & lay out of machineries and equipment,  BD, PFD, & PID,
  • Good  communication & presentation skills
  • Able to work in team

How To Apply:

Only candidates meeting the above job requirements are invited to send their application letter, CV, and credentials via email [email protected] or can submit in person at our office in Bahirdar, kebele 04, beneath Abissinia bank mamo building 1 st floor shared with the Amhara houses development corporation in five consecutive working days from 08 sept. 2020.  For further information you can dial on 0930425503.
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