Assistant Farm Manager Flower Farm

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Sendfa, Oromia 

Job Description

 The assistant farm manager is responsible for the daily running of the farm, this includes:


  • Short and medium planning of the flower production.
  •  Preparing land for planting.
  • Planting.
  • Maintenance of the crop, in close cooperation with the production manager.
  •  Crop protection, in close cooperation with the production manager and spray supervisor
  •  Irrigation, in close cooperation with the production manager and irrigation department
  •  Harvest, in close cooperation with grading supervisor and production manager

  Grading and Export

  •   Short and medium planning of the grading and export
  •  Grading and packing of the production.
  •   Preparing export in cooperation with the grading supervisor.

 The assistant farm manager will also be responsible for the labour and organisation, this includes:

 Recruiting and teaching of workers and staff, and for an efficient allocation, and checking of work output (quantity and quality) of workers and staff. Also, an efficient and correct registration of timekeeping and personal files is under his responsibility. All of the below-mentioned activities need to be done in close cooperation with farm management


  • Employing proper amount of both general workers, and skilled workers/supervisors for an efficient farm operation in close cooperation with the farm manager
  • Dismissing workers, both when the workload (temporarily) reduces, and when workers are not meeting standards set by the company.


  • Taking a leading role, together with the production manager to teach staff and workers about correct cultural practices, proper behaviour and work output
  • Solve any problems or disputes what may arise between workers or between workers and staff.

  Labour planning:

  • Assure every day an efficient allocation of available labour, with the right priorities of tasks to be done
  • Keeping a system of giving appropriate targets for all workers, and checking this together with the responsible supervisors


  • Keeping up to date attendance and overtime records
  • Controlling if all staff records and payroll files are up to date and correct


  • Any other tasks what will be at hand on the farm, and is within the capacities of the assistant farm manager
  • Be familiar with all work and practises in all departments, in order to come to correct expectations of workers and targets for them, and being capable to replace (temporarily) absent staff.

 Special remark for the assistant farm manager:

  •  As part of the job, work at irregular working hours (e.g. at evenings/weekends) can be expected. Hence, the assistant farm manager is required to work overtime. Overtime is expected to be included in the salary.

Reports to : Farm Manager

Job Requirements

  • Required degree or masters in horticulture or equivalent,
  • Fluently in English, Amharic and Oromia.

How to Apply

The CV and other credential documents can be send to the below mail address only.

[email protected]  

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