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Agriculture, Consultancy and Training, Development and Project Management
Gedeo Zone, SNNPR 
Career Level:
Senior Level (5+ years experience)
Employment Type:

Job Description

Background and context

  Coffee is the backbone of the Ethiopian economy, providing more than 30% of the country’s export earnings, totaling $840 million. However, coffee production in Ethiopia faces numerous challenges in an uncertain climatic future, a shifting social landscape and demography, and a volatile coffee market (especially those factors relating to coffee prices and farm profitability). For Ethiopia to continue to benefit from the coffee sector, further improvement in the quality of its exported coffee will be critical.  Under the Regrow Yirga project, Technoserve aims to build the capacity of wet mills to improve their quality through administering quality experiments and providing in-season cupping feedback to wet mills.

objective of Scope of Work

1. To design and manage quality experiments meeting the project clients’ and industry learning needs and interests and providing an evidence base for the advice provided by the business team to clients.

2. To manage a cupping lab in the Dilla office to service wet mill and exporters with timely in-season cupping quality feedback and educate wet mills on the link between processing techniques and cup quality.

3. Facilitate samples to buyers and create producer profiles based on clients’ needs and facilitate the participation of clients in cupping sessions during international events such as SCA or AFCA.

  Activities, Methods, and deliverables

  Start and end date: 1 November 2021 to 31 March 2024

Geography: Gedeo Zone

 The Scope of work encompasses 3 activities. The first activity relates to the first objective to quantify the impact of individual processing practices on cup profiles. The second activity relates to the second objective to run a cupping lab in Dilla which services wet mill owners and exporters can use to do joint cuppings as well as providing sample collection and cupping feedback services to the wet mill while they are processing in the season to evaluate day lots and provide education on how their practices are linked to cupping profile. The third activity is related to the third objective and encompasses marketing support for wet mill clients such as facilitating samples to buyers, creating producer profiles, and showcasing their coffees during international coffee events. 

  Deliverables and due dates 


Key Deliverable


Objective 1



·         Perform different processing practices experiments and evaluate the quality

A.    Quality experiment results report

March 22 (annual)

Objective 2



·   Sample collection from client wet mills and exporters

·   Sample cup feedback and training to wet mills and exporters

A.    Cupping report based on cupped  samples from all clients and provide feedback timely

Dec 21- Jan 22

Dec 22- Jan 23 (etc)

B. Training report of clients trained in how processing practices influence the cup profile (experiment, cupping, and training reports can be combined into one report called the Season’s Quality report send out each March).

Dec 22 (annual)

Objective 3



·         Facilitate sample shipment to buyers

·         Prepare producer/client profile for marketing purpose

·         Support on buyer visit







 Project management

Overall project management will be undertaken by a representative of the company that wins the bid to take the work stated above. The company further hires a Quality Advisor to manage the day-to-day activities based at the project office. The office will take care of the Quality Advisor’s operational needs and expenses while she/he reports to the Project Manager who is also assigned by the company. The Quality Advisor will manage the cupping lab, the mini washing station where quality experiments are performed, data collection and database management as well as wet mill client relations. The project Manager will provide strategic oversight, analysis of experiment and cupping results, backstopping support and coaching to the advisor, and maintain coffee buyer relationships.

copyright and intellectual property right

 The contracted firm expressly assigns to Technoserve any copyright arising from the works the contracted firm produces while executing this contract. The contracted firm may not use, reproduce or otherwise disseminate or authorize others to use, reproduce or disseminate such works without prior consent from Technoserve.


The contracted firm will get 2 scheduled payments per year. Payment will be based on the delivery of the objectives outlined in this SOW. 

Job Requirements

Evaluation Criteria

The applications will be evaluated by TNS on the basis of 60% technical and 40% financial with detailed parameters below. Below are the criteria and weight that will be used in assessing the proposals:



  1. Technical Assessment


1.1   Experience in facilitating similar service to international institutions including non-profits


1.2 Excellent technical capacities including:

o   internationally recognized cupping ability

o   experience with implementing coffee quality processing experiments

o   must have a working relationship with  international specialty coffee buyers


1.3   Methodology and the proposed work plan in responding to the Terms of Reference


2         Financial Proposal




How to Apply

Application process

The applicants are required to submit:

·         A Technical Proposal: Letter of Interest, stating why you consider your service suitable for the assignment and a brief methodology on the approach and implementation of the assignment

·          Financial proposal indicating consultancy fee and a breakdown of expenses (unit price together with any other expenses) related to the assignment; and

·          Personal CVs of technical personnel proposed for this project highlighting qualifications and experience in similar projects;

·         Work references - contact details (e-mail addresses) of referees (firms for whom you’ve produced similar assignments);

·           Samples of recent similar assignments: online portfolios and links to video work/documentaries;

Applications not including all of the above information will not be reviewed. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Applications shall be submitted not later than December 10, 2021. The applicants are required to submit the application in person to the TechnoServe office on reference and address below. TNS will not accept any application received after 5:00 PM in the afternoon of the closing date. Should you need additional queries, please contact Berhanu Demissie at 0923137636 or  [email protected]


Application for TNS –Yirga Regrow Project – Coffee Training

Rebecca Building, I 8th Floor I Haile Gebre-Selassie Street

P.O.BOX 100598 I Addis Ababa I Ethiopia


TechnoServe is an equal opportunity employer. Women and Women-owned firms are highly encouraged to apply. TechnoServe reserves the right to cancel this advertisement fully or in part

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