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Development and Project Management, Research and Development, Strategic Planning
Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa 
Career Level:
Managerial Level (Manager, Supervisor, Director)
Employment Type:
Full time
As Oxfam salary scale

Job Description


Part of OI Global Program Department that Oversees Design, resourcing, delivery, and Impact of Programs and Influencing strategies worldwide. The department directly manages ALL Country and Regional work. There is a strong interdependence with the Advocacy, Campaigns and Engagement department.


To work as part of Oxfam’s Pan Africa programme Team which exists to realise the vision of a self-reliant Africa that is just, more equal, peaceful, democratic and responds to the rights and development needs of its people. We contribute to a self-reliant Africa by strengthening analysis and generating knowledge and influence for just economic models, policies and practices, Climate Justice and sustainable food systems, Gender justice and Women’s rights, Inclusive peace and security and Accountable and Inclusive Governance systems. We maintain an AU Liaison Office in Addis Ababa and in collaboration with our country programmes, sub regional teams and affiliates, PAP identifies and works with networks & social movements, CSOs and their coalitions and alliances to engage and influence The African Union & other Pan-Africa institutions, Regional Economic Communities, Governments, and private sector. We convene and influence for effective development and implementation of key international and continental policies, programmes, pledges, and human rights instruments. We also support a strong and autonomous pan Africa campaigning force of coalitions, alliances, and social movements around their own objectives and we aggregate and amplify continental narratives anchored on strong political economy analysis of priority issues. In March 2020, Oxfam agreed on a new Global Strategic Framework (GSF) for the period 2020- 2030. The framework is anchored on a feminist approach on key ‘systems’ including just economies, climate justice, accountable governance, and Gender justice/women’s rights. The Pan Africa Program is currently gearing up to collaboratively (with countries, regions, affiliates, OI campaign groups and partners) develop a medium-term horizon plan to deliver on that GSF and to be part of efforts to formulate a more enabling delivery structure for that mandate. The Gender Justice and Women’s Rights Lead will play a critical role on this.



The incumbent, under the direction of the PAP Director/Representative to AU plays a substantial role in the Pan Africa team’s engagement with the AU and its organs. S/he will be the overall lead in the design and delivery of Oxfam’s Pan African Accountable Governance and Active citizenship Theme.

  The role strengthens Oxfam’s relationships within the AU Commission, facilitating engagement with the organs and other Specialised Technical Committees, providing intelligence including monitoring and linking all the Oxfam thematic leads and partners to the general AU calendar of events and to the relevant departments and processes. The incumbent provides general advocacy support, develops, and implements coalition-based advocacy strategies to engage the AU in ways that deliver Oxfam’s Strategic objectives. The job holder maintains close and continuous communication with the PAP Director/AU Representative to ensure that strategic positioning of Oxfam and partners within the AU is maximized


·         Provides strategic and operational management, coordination, and supports engagement with cross- campaigns teams in Africa region and builds connectedness to Oxfam’s worldwide campaign on inequality and others.

·         Represents (upon delegation) Oxfam within partner alliances including relevant departments of the AU, UN, RECs, and other spaces delivering on agreed advocacy and influencing plans and strategies related to Gender Justice, Women’s Rights, humanitarian advocacy and Inclusive Peace and in line with PAP Strategic framework and horizon plans.

·         Leads movement building and works with allies such as Pan Africa Women Rights Networks, Pan Africa CS movements. mobilises publics offline and online to challenge the status quo on gender injustice.

·         Provides thought leadership, analyses, and communicates complex information to a wide audience and in a manner that enhances understanding.

 .   Takes decision and requires significant levels of independence and judgement based on technical and management experience.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES (Technical, Leadership, People and Resource management) Leadership and Management

·         Serve as a member of the Pan Africa senior management team alongside the Head of PAP Advocacy & Campaigns, Head of Business support and Grants, and the Pan Africa Program Director

·         Manage the PAP AU Liaison Office in Addis on a day-to-day basis.

·         Ensure that targets and strategic objectives set out in PAP and all other existing frameworks are met based on established work plans and objectives.

·         Contribute to strategy and policy development under the direction of the PAP Director/AU representative.

·         Under the direction of the PAP Director, facilitate high level of collaboration between the Pan African Advocacy and campaign team, Oxfam affiliates and country teams on AU-targeted advocacy and influencing actions.

·         Directly Support/Facilitate Oxfam colleagues (Country teams, PAP colleagues, Regional teams, and global Campaign teams) to engage the AU and its organs

·         As delegated by the PAP Director, may represent, and speak for Oxfam on policy positions signed off by the PAP Director/AU Representative.

·         Participate in Oxfam International advocacy and campaigns teams as appropriate.

·         Manage and approve expenses and transactions relating to the Addis Liaison office within thresholds approved by the PAP Director and in line with Oxfam policies

Public Policy, Advocacy and AU engagement.

·         In consultation with the PAP Director/AU Representative, develop and maintain key relationships with the AU and its organs, and relevant African diplomatic missions.

·         Maintain a strong level of expertise and working knowledge of the AU Commission and in collaboration with the thematic leads and campaign peers as well as relevant staff, strengthen Oxfam’s relationship with Pan African Civil Society Organisations.

·         Develop and implement coalition-based strategies for advocacy on the AU.

·         In collaboration with the thematic leads and as agreed with/delegated by the Pan Africa Program Director, develop, and maintain relationships with Pan Africa CSO and NGO actors

·         Together with others, implement strategies for engaging and partnering with CSO coalitions and networks around AU and REC affairs .

·         Represent Oxfam on the AU Liaison Platform (the Addis Group) and the AU We Want network of NGOs working on the African Union.

·         Work with Advocacy and Influencing Leads, to provide advice, support, and technical assistance to CSO coalitions working on AUC affairs.

·         Overall responsible for designing strategies and managing programs that enhance the understanding and engagement of African citizens and Civil society of the African Union, AU institutions and Regional Economic Communities.

·         Develop tools and plans for induction and training of Oxfam staff, partners and stakeholders on the AU policies and its Governance Architecture.

·         Contribute to the overall Pan Africa knowledge and learning agenda through impact stories, input to annual reports and think pieces.

Program Development and Fundraising

·         Look out for funding opportunities for the delivery of the Democratic Governance and Active citizenship theme as well as any linkages for other thematic areas especially within Addis.

·         Prepare reports on donor grants relating to the accountable Governance theme and submit to the PAP Director/AU Representative.

·         Scout for multilateral donor opportunities esp. Addis based donors including UN agencies, EU delegation and donor desks at the embassies.

·         Lead in drafting and or inputting into proposal in coordination with other thematic groups, affiliates, partners and country and regional colleagues.

·         Support program staff and leadership to review assessment and activity reports to ensure Accountable Governance and Active citizenship issues are reflected in PAP’s broader work.


Partner and Staff capacity building and technical support

·         Coordinate capacity building trainings on human rights, civic space, engagement with the AU and other related issues.

·         Provide technical guidance and support to the implementation of key projects work in collaboration with regions and countries as well as other Oxfam partners in the continent.

·         Support the Thematic Leads and other colleagues by participating in, or organizing conferences, meetings, and workshops.

Share relevant information and tools such as briefing papers, AU reports, internal documents and reports with programme teams


Networking, Coordination and Relationship-Building

·         Inform and influence wider OI Governance, human rights, civic space, and justice Working Groups as appropriate and ensure close coordination with the Regional, country and Global Leads on key advocacy issues at AU level.

·         Co-ordinate or participate in relevant national/international events.

·         Develop and maintain professional networks, relationships with partners and institutions to influence policy and practice.

·         Establish internal and external connections with EIU, RIC, FAIR, ENOUGH and GROW campaigns as well as external institutions such as youth organisations and CSO networks and Human Rights Institutions including the ACHPR.

·         Develop relationships, maintaining existing ones and representing Pan Africa to donors, Government, UN agencies, civil society organisations academia and local communities.

·         Work collaboratively with other teams and the PAP Media and Communications Manager to develop policy briefing papers, media briefs and opinion pieces for external use.

·         Play an active role in lobby and advocacy/influencing on issues related to PAP mandate through personal contacts and co-ordination of allies, leading to impact on public policies and practices to build just economies and reduce inequality.

Support coalitions and alliances on GJ, Women’s Rights, Inclusive Peace and Security and campaigns targeting governments and institutions at relevant levels

Job Requirements


·         Self-Awareness: Able to develop a high degree of self-awareness around your own strengths and weaknesses and your impact on others. Your self-awareness enables you to moderate and self-regulate your own behaviors to control and channel your impulses for good purposes.

.            Mutual accountability : You can explain your decisions and how you have taken them based on Oxfam’s organizational values. You are ready to be held to account for what you do and how you behave, as you also hold others to account in a consistent manner.


In addition

Pan Africa Campaigning & Influencing:

·         Strong knowledge and understanding of the African Union, African civil society and continental advocacy work including on influencing political and private sector targets.

·         Minimum seven years demonstrable experience with building and implementing dynamic campaigns. advocacy and influencing strategies that have led to national and/or regional change in the Africa.

·         Demonstrable experience in developing and implementing high impact advocacy strategies that integrate lobbying, research, media, and other campaigning tools to influence decision-making bodies.

·         Proven experience in working with and building and managing civil society coalitions.

·         Multi-year work experience in one or more countries/regions in Africa.

·         Strong understanding of principles for successful influencing of political and private sector targets in Africa.

Leadership and Management:

  ·         Experience in managing a team and office, including recruitment, performance management and budget oversight.

·         Strong soft and hard people and project management skills, with experience working in diverse alliances.

·         Strong interpersonal skills that include experience with mediation and consensus building

·         Good organizational skills including accuracy, consistency, attention to detail, tenacity, and the ability to work under pressure.

·         Ability to lead projects in a clear and constructive way that inspires people to deliver.

·         Ability to Manage budgets and processes for results and impact.

·         Ability to work independently and with multi-cultural and virtual teams.



  ·         Ability to liaise with a wide range of people, both internally and externally and at many levels, with credibility, tact, and diplomacy.

·         Ability to get ideas across in a compelling and clear way.

·         Fluent spoken and written English. Understanding of French and any other African language is desirable.

·         Ability to listen and see where deeper levels of thoughts and tacit assumptions differ. Your messages to others are clear and consider different preferences.

·         Demonstrable commitment to feminist principles to programming.

·         Fluency in English and Amharic required.


Demonstrable affinity with the aims and objectives of the Oxfam Confederation

  ·         Demonstrable commitment to women’s rights and applying feminist principles in all aspects of their work.

·         Ability to think and work in a multi-disciplinary way (systems thinking).

·         Ability to operate effectively in a network and in a multicultural environment.

·         Sensitivity to cultural differences and commitment to equal opportunities

·         Ability to travel away from home for up to 8 weeks per year.


Works in a way that demonstrates Oxfam International’s values and behavioural competencies.

  ·         Honest and transparent

·         Accountable

·         Supporting each other

·         Professional and striving for excellence.

·         Proactive and solutions oriented


·         Fluency in French, Spanish and/or other widely spoken languages will be an advantage.

·         Experience in generating significant global media coverage.

Ability to liaise with a wide range of people, both internally and externally and at many levels, with credibility, tact, and diplomacy

How to Apply

As part of your online application, please upload your up to date CV and a covering letter explaining your suitability against the essential criteria in the job profile through Oxfam internal application portal or before 18 March 2021 . Your application will be shortlisted based on your CV and your responses to the questions. You need not comment on your suitability against the essential criteria in the job profile.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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