ENTRY LEVEL – Social Media Writer & Influencer

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Repibox is hiring a virtual contract position for an entry level social media writer & influencer.


  • Engage with the online community and build interest on social media networks such a Reddit and Twitter
  • Respond to community comments and drive re-engagement with quick responses and witty, but authentic comments.
  • Communicate via social media and be motivated by a quota.

In ideal candidate has:

  • Customer service-oriented mindset 
  • Open to feedback and willingness to be flexible
  • Professional attitude and team player mentality
  • Ability to prioritize


  • Mastery of English language
  • Mobile phone or internet access

This role is 100% remote. To read more about Repibox, visit https://repibox.com/  



To apply, please answer the two following questions with 2 to 5 sentences:

  1. In your own words, please describe what is Repibox? Why is it useful?
  2. Describe an example where you recommended a solution to someone's problem. What was the problem, what was you recommendation, and why did your solution solve their problem?