Assistant Chief of Security

Essential Function

  • Planning, organizing, directing the security and sanitary systems of the Bank;
  • Preparing security and sanitation related policies and procedures as deemed necessary;
  • Ensuring the security and sanitation of the Bank’s premises and holdings;
  • Properly facilitating the works of security and sanitary service providing companies; monitoring and evaluating their performances and facilitating corrective measures on such companies; timely reporting the need of corrective measures to enhance their performances;
  • Effectively and efficiently managing emergency situations in terms of security;
  • Following up proper functioning of security related gadgets (guns, cameras, alarm systems, visitors or vehicles searching devices, flash lights, etc…) and ensuring their immediate maintenance or replacement;
  • Patrolling and visiting branch security after working hours, weekends and holidays in order to ensure the security of the Bank; also, periodically checking branches’ sanitation and reporting to the company for correction;
  • Implementing directives and instruction from HRM & SS director, from top management, and other concerned offices as necessary; reporting back to the concerned authority after implementation
  • Reporting to relevant government bodies on especially security related matters as deemed necessary;
  • Recruiting qualified security and sanitary personnel and following up their periodic training;
  • Ensuring firearms from government bodies or from any legal sources for the consumption of the Bank;
  • Administering security and sanitary personnel towards performing well and for acceptable standard of discipline;
  • Administering the contracts with regards to security and sanitary related outsourced functions; following up contract periods, alerting the department in good time on completion of the contract period;
  • Liaising with companies security and sanitary companies who have service contract with the Bank;
  • Attentively and proactively following up and fulfilling the security and sanitation personnel for new branch expansion;
  • Immediate reporting of irregularities especially in terms of security to the department, and government bodies as deemed necessary;
  • Following up permission and authorization of annual shareholders’ meeting from different government and security related offices;
  • Taking share/delegation of regular duties and responsibilities as shall be decided by the Chief of Security.
  • Presenting timely periodic reports to the department;
  • Undertaking any other related duties when instructed by her/his supervisor.


BA degree in police or military science and 3.5 years of service in police or military Or BA in management or public administration and diploma (at least 10+3 in police or military science) and 3 years of experience. Or LLB and diploma (at least 10+3 in police or military science) and 2 years of experience.

Place of Work-   Addis Ababa


  • Only short listed candidates will be communicated
  • The Bank has the right to cancel the post advertised

Interested applicants fulfilling the above requirements are invited to submit their applications and CVs with photocopies of non-returnable supporting credentials up to January 16, 2021 through 18401 postal address of the Bank or through the Bank’s website

Enat Bank S.C

P.O. Box 18401

Women applicants are highly encouraged

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KEY AREAS OF ACCOUNTABILITY: Technical/Operational ·       Advise and assist Program managers/Program coordinators on planning of procurement (bulk orders) and ensure that all required documents are forwarded by the budget holders…