IYCF KAP Survey consultancy

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Jewi Camp, Gambela  
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Senior Level (5+ years experience)
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Job Description

  1. Introduction

International Medical Corps is a global, humanitarian, non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training and relief and development programs.

Established in 1984 by volunteer doctors and nurses, International Medical Corps is a private, voluntary, non-political, non-sectarian organization. Its mission is to improve the quality of life through health interventions and related activities that build local capacity in underserved communities worldwide. By offering training and health care to local populations and medical assistance to people at highest risk, and with the flexibility to respond rapidly to emergency situations, International Medical Corps rehabilitates devastated health care systems and helps bring them back to self-reliance.


International Medical Corps has been implementing an integrated CMAM and IYCF intervention in Jew refugee camp.

In the IYCF activities, International Medical Corps provides mothers of all new-borns with support for early initiation and exclusive breastfeeding through breastfeeding counselling and support. Mother are given information on the Essential Nutrition Package (ENP) which includes: immediate and exclusive breastfeeding, breastfeeding during child illnesses, complementary feeding, and introduction of liquids and semisolid foods after six months, health care seeking behaviour, diversified diet preparation, personal hygiene and sanitation, and caring practices for children.


The project has been building Women’s /caregivers capacities to prepare available and age appropriate food for their children in their homes. Including how to prepare balanced meals using locally available food where possible and utilizing food supplies from WFP. The behavioural change activities have been channelled through mother to mother support groups and IYCF officers deployed to deliver IYCF counselling and also disseminating fundamental nutrition education message at therapeutic feeding sites i.e. SC, OTP, TSFP and BSFP. International Medical Corps has been organizing baby friendly space targeting and pregnant mothers and lactating women and mothers of children in the age bracket of 0-24 months in the nutrition sites.  Mothers have also been receiving counselling on how to stimulate and support their children psychologically by the trained IYCF counsellors and community nutrition outreach workers at household level.


Moreover international Medical Corps has been providing comprehensive basic training and refresher training for IYCF/ECD nurses, community outreach agents/community nutrition promoters and mother to mother support groups to facilitate the effective promotion of IYCF activities among mothers in the camp.

To determine changes in IYCF practices needed among mothers of 0 to 24 months of children and to adapt IYCF/ECD activities as, International Medical Corps would like to assess the current IYCF/ECD practice in Jewi Refugee Camp, Gambella.

According to 2018 SENS Survey, the prevalence of core IYCF indicators for Jewi refugee camp were stated below in the table.

Table1. The Status of Major IYCF Indicators in Jewi Refugee Camp


Age range


           95% CI

Timely initiation of breastfeeding

0-23 months



Exclusive breastfeeding under 6 months

0-5 months




Continued breastfeeding at 1 year

12-15 months



Continued breastfeeding at 2 years

20-23 months           



Introduction of solid, semi-solid or soft foods

6-8 months




Bottle feeding

0-23 months



Source: SENS Survey (2018).

Therefore, this survey will assess Infant and Young Child Feeding Knowledge, Attitude and Practices among mothers of 0 to 24 months children in Jewi Refugee Camp and suggest possible solutions for further improvement of the practices. International Medical Corps will also need to assess additional IYCF indicators including Minimum dietary diversity, minimum meal frequency and minimum acceptable diet.


    1. To determine mothers/caretaker’s knowledge, attitude and practice and beliefs regarding infant and young child feeding and care. 

    2. To assess the community’s knowledge, attitude, practice and beliefs regarding Infant and Young Child feeding  and care

    3. To provide additional qualitative information on barriers and boosters that contribute to and against optimal IYCF and ECD practices 

    4. To assess the role and contribution of Mothers Care Groups towards promoting infant and young child feeding and isolate their constraints

    5. To assess the IYCF / ECD specific services of the community nutrition centres and their capacity in serving children and mothers of under two and activities going in the community designed at promoting optimal IYCF practices and identify gaps

    6.  To formulate and provide practical and sustainable recommendations to improve the quality of IYCF program implementation based on the survey findings.

    7. To develop conceptual model of IYCF based on the result of the survey


  • Develop and design KAP survey protocol, including sample size estimation, population size, clustering of the villages, methodology etc. and validate contextual tools using KAP manual from FAO, 2014 and IASC, 2014/15.

  • Develop and validate survey tools

  • Train the KAP data collection teams and data clerks (including field testing)

  • Implement the KAP survey in Jewi Refugee Camp, Gambella Region.

  • conduct daily supervision of KAP teams and daily data collection quality assurance

  • Be responsible for data cleaning and analysis using appropriate software i.e. Epi Info, SPSS,

  • Prepare a draft KAP survey report for review by International Medical Corps, ensuring that the assessment is comprehensive and includes all relevant indicators

  • Prepare and lead a validation workshop (debriefing) for ARRA and UNHCR and other stakeholders in Nutrition and Health in Jewi at camp level and Gambella at Zonal level . This presentation will be shared at national level via the Nutrition Cluster/ Nutrition working group.

  • Prepare a final report including background, methodology, results, limitations, conclusions and recommendations incorporating feedback from International Medical Corps staff and other stakeholders on the draft report.



N o


Number of days


·         Introduction of team

·         Overview of International Medical Corps nutrition program in Jewi camp, Gambella Region

·         Preparation of Inception Report including detail schedule

·         Preparation of survey methodology

·         Validation of survey methodology

5 days


Travel to the field; meet relevant actors (ARRA and UNHCR Zone and Camp staffs and check actors availability for participation in the survey and validation workshop

2 days


Training of survey staff, and field practice and test

3 days


Revise and finalize data collection tools, and prepare for data collection



Data collection and data entry

5 days


Data cleaning and analysis

1 days


Report Writing

3 days


International Medical Corps and stakeholder debriefing with presentation of key findings and recommendations

1 day


Final Report



Travel to Addis Ababa

1 day


Total Days

24 days



  • Inception report that includes the design, implementation and supervision strategy of the KAP survey; and data collection tools

  • Data Collectors training power point

  • First draft KAP survey report including row data set in SPSS

  • Debriefing power point presentation

  • Second drafts and final IYCF KAP survey report incorporating the feedback from the International Medical Corps country team and the TU nutrition and MEAL advisors.

  • Submit all the data and analysis outputs (both raw and final) electronic data to International Medical Corps country team.

  1. Selection Criteria

The overall standard service provider selection rating will be 70% technical & 30% financial, which will be weighted average finally. Selection will be made based on the below criteria as shown in the table.






Candidate Consultants


Technical Evaluation







Criteria description


Feasibility of the proposal

Understanding of TOR, & consistent approach in proposal presentation compliant with the TOR






Complete and justifiable methodology/sampling design






Clear work plan and specific description of the outcome and results anticipated







Previous Experience in undertaking similar works with good outcome

Conducting any similar works proved by copy contract agreements or work orders






Clientele information proved by performance recommendation letters from similar INGOs







Qualification of personnel (Lead consultant and permanent staff)

Personnel who have related qualifications and experience in the similar areas of works (Key personnel & permanent professional staff)







Total Technical Score (TS)







Financial Proposal Evaluation







Proposed Cost (PC)







Financial Score (FS) (FS=100*Lowest Cost (LC)/PC)







Overall Score (OS)







Overall Score = (Technical Score* Technical Rate)+(Financial Score* Financial Rate) = (OS=TS*TR (0.7))+ (FS*FR(0.3))













Minimum number of required key personnel, permanent professional staff, level of qualification, and years of previous experience will be stated in the TOR in line with service requiring sector                           

Evaluation comparison of scores -The best (highest) evaluated point will be attained  the maximum  denoted score and the other participants scores will be calculated in proportions

All technical bid proposals rated >=50% will be considered in further financial evaluation. Financial Proposals with technical evaluation <50% will not be opened. The overall standard service provider selection rating will be 70% technical & 30% financial, which will be weighted average finally     

The most responsive bidder will be awarded with the quoted amount. However, if the quoted price exceeds the available budget, negotiation will be done with the winner supplier, if that is not successful the next bidder will be negotiated  


  1. Payment Modalities

The consultant will be issued consultancy contracts and paid in accordance with International Medical Corps Ethiopia financial rules and regulations. The payment will be on fixed terms with disbursements detailed below: 

  • The first payment of 30% advance of the total agreed contractual amount will be made after submitting the inception report and getting approval from International Medical Corps country and TU team.

  • The second payment of 30% of the total agreed contractual amount will be made upon the submission of the preliminary draft report and confirmation of the country and TU team that the draft report meets the minimum quality criteria.

  • The third payment of 40% of the total agreed contractual amount shall be made effective to the consultant upon the approval and acceptance of the final study report and submission of the soft copy (CD format) and two (bound) hard copies of the survey report.


Job Requirements


  1. Required Skills, Knowledge & Abilities
  • A health professional or nutritionist with MPH, MSc or advanced professional degree or field-related experience.
  • Significant and proven experience, at least three years, in community based qualitative studies including KAP surveys.
  • Knowledge in designing and implementing CMAM and IYCF programs

  • Excellent analytical and statistical skills.
  • Strong communication skills, able to effectively present information clearly and respond appropriately to questions from INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS staff and other relevant stakeholders

  • Strong supervisory and organizational skills

  • Ability to work on own initiative and to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to cope with stress; hardship; patience and flexibility and willingness to work additional hours in order to meet tight deadlines;

  • Ability and willingness to travel to field sites and nutrition facilities

  • Advanced proficiency in the use of MS Office, EPI INFO, SPSS,

  • Fluent in written and spoken English and knowing of local language will be advantageous.

  • The candidate must present an approved final report of the most recent KAP survey that he/she had conducted.

How to Apply

How to Apply

  1. Interested and experienced consultants are invited to  collect Request for Quotation(RFQ)  from the organization within 5 working  days from the date of the advertisement and   submit a brief proposal, an updated CV/profile, renewed license, sample reports made, cover letter as well as a complete budget breakdown for the mentioned work, technical and financial documents separately and with a sealed envelope by before the deadline of submission date  stated in the RQF   to International Medical Corps, Located at Kirkose sub-city, Kebele 02, HH N o 226, around Meskele Flower, behind Nazira Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mailing Address: PO Box: 2314 . International Medical Corps will not provide any logistical support to this work and the applicants should include any logistic related expense in their financial proposal. The applicants should include Bids received after this date will not be considered. International Medical Corps reserves the right to reject the bid fully or partially


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