Request for Proposal for Final Evaluation of Prevention a…

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Job Description

Request for Proposal for Final Evaluation of “Prevention and Treatment of Trachoma

in Silti District, SNNPR, Ethiopia Project"


ChildFund Ethiopia is an international child focused NGO working to improve the wellbeing of deprived, excluded, and vulnerable children and families. We achieve positive change in communities in partnership with local organizations through our three core programs that improve education, health and livelihoods and achieve the outcomes of healthy and secure infants, educated and confident children and skilled and involved youth. ChildFund begun its operations in Ethiopia in 1971 and currently supports 13 community-based child development programs in Amhara, Oromia, SNNP regional states and Addis Ababa city administration.

ChildFund Ethiopia has been implementing a project titled “Prevention and Treatment of Trachoma in Silti District” for a period from April 2020 to June 2022. The project has been implemented in communities of Silti woreda in Siliti Zone, SNNPR in selected 9 Kebeles, 9 primary schools and l0 health posts (Goflela Health Post, Ajira Health Post, Shelawasho Health Post, Dobosabola Health Post, Dobena Enseno Health Post, Dobena Bati Health Post, Dobo Bedeno Health Post, Agode Loberera Health Post, Ashute Burako Health Post, Kuno Health Post) and one health centre (Kuno Health center). The goal of the project is to bring about marked reduction in trachoma prevalence in Silti district. ChildFund Ethiopia is currently seeking the service of a team of independent consultant to undertake final project evaluation.

Purpose of the Evaluation

The main purpose of the evaluation is to generate substantive evidence-based knowledge by identifying good practices and lessons learned from intended and unintended impact of these the project. The evaluation will also help to determine the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability of the interventions on well-being of target community in the target area. 

Job Requirements

Requisite Qualification

The project evaluation will require an experienced multi-disciplinary team of consultants with experience in designing and conducting project evaluation in development contexts. The requirements include the following.

1.  Team members should have master's degrees in Public Health, Epidemiology, Ophthalmology, Statistics, Development Studies, Sociology, or a related field (CVs required)

2.  Each member should have extensive experience in programme evaluation or research (7 to l0 years for team leader, 3-5 years for other members) and must have completed at least two high quality programme evaluations or research projects in recent time and at least one of them being directly related to current project. Provision of sample work is required.

3.  Excellent writing and communication skills in English.

4. Strong experience in conducting similar evaluation escort with in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, participant-observation, and case studies, and qualitative data management and analysis.

How to Apply

Competent and interested consultants are requested to submit their proposal which include the following to ChildFund Ethiopia office address stated below. 

1. A technical proposal which includes a capability statement detailing suitability for the assignment, similar assignments undertaken, references for the same, CVs of the evaluation team members who will involve in the assignment. Copies of legal documents should also be enclosed in the technical proposal

2. A separately sealed financial proposal to conduct the evaluation which should include all associated costs including travel costs and professional payments

Interested consultants may collect the detailed ToR of the assignment from ChildFund Ethiopia office at the address stated below or alternatively send request for the ToR at email address [email protected]

Closing date: the closing date for submission of proposal is June 3, 2022 at 2:00PM in the afternoon.

ChildFund Ethiopia, Bole Sub city - KebIe 03 H. No 2310

P. O. Box 5545- Tel: 011 661 29 28 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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