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Organizational description:

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is one of the largest humanitarian agencies in the world, providing relief, rehabilitation, and post-conflict reconstruction support to victims of oppression and violent conflict. IRC has worked for over seven decades in the world addressing both the immediate, life-saving needs of conflict-affected people in an emergency and the reconstruction needs in post-conflict societies. IRC is committed to a culture of bold leadership, innovation in all aspects of our work, creative partnerships and thorough accountability to those we serve.



The Senior Environmental Officer is a junior management position that provides assistance to the Environmental Health Manager in planning, management and monitoring of EH programs in Assosa FO operation. Particularly, coordinate with the Environmental health Manager and provide assistance in leading the WASH service provision in Sherkole, Tsore, Tongo and Gure Shembola refugee camps.

The Senior Environmental Officer be responsible to bridge the program implementations between the Assosa FO and the Camp EH teams, and in coordination with the EH teams, ensure the attainment of program objectives at all camps where IRC is providing WASH services in BGRS. The position requires frequent field visit and providing technical support to a team of EH Officers, Hygiene Promotion Officers, Water Technicians, Construction Foreman, Plumbers and Water System Guards.

The position holder will undertake frequent supervision and supportive monitoring and provide practical care to the Environmental teams in all camps during the assessment/planning, designing, development/rehabilitation of water supply and structures, Saination Promotion activities and capacity building of staff and volunteer refugees and the day-to-day operation of the EH programs. Furthermore, the Senior EH Officer will give technical support to emergency responses and to other sectors on construction related activities.

Assist the Manager in maintaining effective operational processes between EH and procurement and logistic department, HR, Finance teams and managers, and demonstrates consistent represent and coordination with partners. The position also requires strong project management skills, including the efficient financial, material and other resources management under the program. Strong interpersonal skills and regular reporting to the EHM is required


Assisting the EH Manager in coordinating and leading the EH Program activities categorized as below:

ü  Ensure that the daily water supply to the refugees meet the UNHCR standard of at least 20lit/p/day at all camps.

ü  Supervise the operation and installation of water systems including construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of water supply systems.

ü  Handle the Supply of or directly produce all the vital designs and bills of quantities, specification, vital drawings for the water system and prepare follow-up orders for the required equipment, goods, tools and materials procurement and supply.

ü  Prepare Terms of Reference for the hydro-geological study, surveying work, drilling operation, borehole rehabilitation, pumping test and other sub-contracted works.

ü  Ensure continual and adequate supervision of contracted activities and collaborate closely with the Supply Chain and/or contractors and consultant as vital for the successful and timely achievement of activities.

ü  Providing Design, specification and support for procurement & supply of electromechanical equipments, solar pumping systems;

ü  Handle the proper operation and maintenance of motorized boreholes, hand-dug wells, springs and rain water supply systems for the refugee camps and host community;

ü  Be responsible for and supervise regular water quality testing activities and ensure regular reporting;

ü  Ensure that daily data for water production, distribution, treatment process and quality is gathered and is kept in soft and hard copies in the refugee camps and shared to the EH Manager (FO) weekly and monthly using the appropriate reporting format;

ü  Timely organize response to any electromechanical part breakdowns in the refugee camps and ensure the daily water supplies are not reinvented;

ü  Supervise & ensure the procurement of tools and equipment required towards construction of water supply systems including generator sets, pumps, control panel, solar pumping systems and other construction materials and equipments;

ü  Coordinate/initiate the procurement of construction materials, tools and equipment as vital for construction activities, in accordance with the budget available, submitting and following up Purchase Request forms as per IRC procedure;


ü  Supervise the construction and maintenance of sanitation infrastructures in the camps;

ü  Supervise the handling, collection, removal and disposal of solid waste, liquid waste, medical waste, and supervise food hygienic management in the camp;

ü  Ensure the sanitation infrastructures quantity, quality and distribution over the camp that meets UNHHCR standards;

ü  Empower the SH Promotion officers and work towards the improvement of the household sanitation coverage.

Hygiene promotion:

ü  Lead the implementation of proper hygiene promotion methods/approaches that ensure improved use of water and sanitation facilities for refugees;

ü  Supervises/conduct emergency need assessment in the sector of water, sanitation, and hygiene promotion when required;


ü  Participate in feasibility assessments and site surveys, preparation of concept notes, proposals, budgets and surveys related with Environmental Health activities EH project formulation;

ü  Preparation of detail activity, procurement and spending plans for the department, O&M activities in all active EH grants, compile and share to the supervisor;

Grant management

ü  Facilitate the drafting of activity, procurement, spending plans by EH teams at camps, and preparing reports and share to EHM for final verification and action.

ü  Facilitate and ensure the timely initiation of PRs at all camps, initiate PRs at FO level as per the procurement plan, in accordance with the budget available and follow-up purchase request status and supply of materials.

ü  Follow up financial expenditures on water supply, O&M activities, weekly BvA review, budget tracking, procurement tracking, ensure proper budget expenditure and provide periodic report to EHM;

ü  Conduct monthly BVA reviews and make vital recommendations to the Finance and Supply Chain units;

ü  Assist in managing PR tracking and ensure that budgets are spent according to plan.

ü  Work closely with the Finance Staff to ensure proper financial management of the EH grants.

ü  Provide technical assistance to the Supply Chain unit in procurement of materials, equipments, tools, work, services and goods.

ü  Collect monthly cash projection from field EHOs & WTs, review, compile and share to the EH Manager for discussion and further action;

Staff management

ü  Provide technical support to EHOs & WTs and organize capacity building training for SHPOs and EHAs on updated HP methods and approaches;

ü  Identify and flag staffing needs to the EH Manager, initiate Personal Requisitions in consultation with the EH Manager and assist with recruitment when demanded;

ü  Identify staff capacity gap and recommend for capacity development program;

ü  Provide continuous technical and managerial support for EH Officers;

ü  Coordinate with the EH Manager in performance review of EH staffs;

ü  Oversee and ensure the recruitment, training, management of the water system operation and maintenance team (generator operators, plumbers, and chlorinators) and water system guards in all camps.

ü  Support the EHOs & WTs at camps in setting performance targets in consultation with the EH and Camp Managers.

Monitoring & evaluation

ü  Support in ensuring that all EH projects are implemented in a timely and professional manner, according to project goal, objectives, and indicators and in line with donor requirements and beneficiary needs.

ü  Coordinate the annual Environmental Health (EH) Knowledge, Demeanor and Practice (KAP) surveys and project evaluation exercise in designing, data collection, data entry, analysis and reporting.

ü  Ensure that all water supply, and sanitation infrastructures meet the required design, specification and quality of construction.

ü  Produce detail activity implementation plan for water supply, O&M activities in all EH program in coordination with the EH Manager and Camp EHOs &WTs, periodically, update and ensure that progress is in accordance with the plan.

ü  Facilitate and participate in IRC’s SMT, ARRA, UNHCR, Government and donor visits and monitoring trips in coordination with the EH Manager.

Reporting, documentation & database management

ü  Facilitate and organize in documenting water supply, O&M related data, and keep records on related activities in soft and hard copies.

ü  Collect monthly reports from the SHPOs in all Camps, review reports, compile and timely share to the EH Manager with review comments and recommendations.

ü  Support the field EH teams and ensure the attainment of consistency and quality in reporting at all camps.

ü  Collect vital field data monthly, update the database system timely and analyses status in coordination with the EH Manager.

ü  Support/facilitate the yearly GIS data collection and mapping of WASH infrastructures.

Representation and coordination

ü  Participate on meetings regarding water supply, O&M activities in Assosa operation as delegated and advised by the EH Manager.

ü  Collaborate closely with supervising agency (ARRA & UNHCR), IPs working in the refugee camps, RCCs, the local government and the community in project planning and implementation.

ü  Participate on WASH coordination meetings at refugee camps and zone level as delegated and advised by the EH Manager.

ü  Represent the EH Manager in his absence in Refugee camps and as delegated.

ü  Collaborate closely with CMs, SC, HR/Admin and Finance Departments to ensure smooth operations of EH activities in all camps.

ü  Act as a focal person for all activities related to water supply/WASH related issues;

Job Requirements


v  University degree in Hydraulics, Water Resource, Environmental Engineering, or other related fields.

v  Minimum of 1 years for M. Sc. and 2 years for B.Sc. degree holders’ years proven experience in environmental health (WASH) activities, preferably in a humanitarian setting (refugee camps & conflict area, natural disaster);

v  Proven experience in project cycle management, design and construction management of water supply and sanitation infrastructures and contract administration.

v  Experience in solar power pumping water supply system construction, operation and management.

v  knowledge in water resource management, hydrogeology, and drilling operation monitoring.

v  Demonstrated experience in sanitation & hygiene promotion activities preferably in humanitarian settings (refugee camps & conflict area, natural disaster);

v  Experience in finance and resource management, budget monitoring and reporting;

v  Skill in proposal development, report writing, documentation and database management.

v  Experience in supervisory role, staff management and interaction with other partners

v  Ability to work under pressure in a potentially unstable security environment.

v  Strong communication skill; Fluency in spoken and written English;

v  Positive and professional attitude, able to organize, maintain composure and prioritize work under pressure, able to coordinate multiple tasks and uphold attention to circumstances

  • Competent in Microsoft Outlook, Windows, MS office programs, database experience;
  • Knowledge of running EPANET, AUTOCAD, WATERCAD and other engineering software;
  • Knowledge of standards and guidelines in WASH program intervention for humanitarian/refugee context is an advantage;
  • Strong interpersonal and social skills;
  • NGO experience is a plus

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