TB Outreach Officer

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Health Care
Addis Ababa 
Career Level:
Senior Level (5+ years experience)
Employment Type:
Full time
As per the scale of the organization

Job Description

Brief introduction

The Tuberculosis Local Organizations Network (LON) Activity is the USAID funded project designed to fight and end TB effectively and efficiently by partnering directly with local entities within TB priority countries of which Ethiopia is one, to provide accessible services, resulting a decline in TB incidence and mortality, helping urban settings to contribute to reach national strategic goals and End TB global goals for TB elimination by 2050. The project awarded to REACH Ethiopia, is part of an extension of a Fixed Amount Award (FAA) agreement implemented by REACH Ethiopia. The project will focus on active case finding, treatment, contact screening, TB preventive treatment, key population screening finding and referring the missing TB cases in 3 urban administrative settings (Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa and Hareri). The project will also aim to engage Private facilities in PPM programs, strengthen the organizational capacity of local organizations and TB survivors’ associations and support creating enabling environment for urban TB programming. The project will be implemented in collaboration with the Regional Health Bureaus (Hareri), city administrations (Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa), Sub-city health offices (Addis Ababa), family health team, the urban health extension professionals, public & private health facilities including Hospitals, Women development armies (WDAs), community associations, Idir, Civil Society Organizations such as former TB patients’ associations and Drop in centers (DICs) in Addis Ababa.

Purpose of the position (general)

Under the leadership of the Sub-city Coordinator, the TB Outreach officer (TOO) is responsible for supporting in planning, execution and for overseeing the successful implementation and delivery of comprehensive DS and DR-TB care activities to achieve its intended goal in the Urban setting (Addis Ababa). He/she coordinates the planning, implementation and delivery of defined and agreed upon and service delivery/practice of standards and provides oversight to all TB Care activities under the Urban TB LON project that will be implemented in this setting. S/he will be responsible for developing targeted implementation plan and regularly review his/her activity performance against the plan, forward remedial actions to improve performance. He/She discusses implementation issues with the sub-city coordinator,HEPs, PHCU, PPM and Sub-city level and support sub-city coordinator develop improvementation plans when necessary.  S/He will, work closely with TB Focal Person inboth public and Private facilities, UHEPs, FHT, WDAs, Schools, Volunteers, and Iddirs. 

Answerability and Position in the organization

  • The TOO reports to the Sub-city Coordinator.

Major and overall Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Support development and implementation of comprehensive urban TB (DS and DR-TB) case finding, treatment and outcome, CTBC, contact screening, adherence; TPT in both Public and Private Health facilities including Hospital and community.
  • Closely collaborates for development  and schedules of project work plan in accordance with specifications given to him/her;
  • Supports daily operations and coordinates activities of project; Identify focus areas through continuous assessment and mapping of key populations;
  • Reviewing the plans regularly to ensure tasks and milestones are being achieved in a timely manner and preparation of project status reports, .
  • Adheres to project compliance against donor, organization as well as NTP guidelines and highlight any issues to the Sub-city Coordinator;
  • Builds and maintains effective relationships with Sub-city/woredateam, FHT, UHEPs;
  • Frequently communicate with team members to ensure improved performance;
  • Support monitoring, and supervision of the activities of TB FP, Schools, CSO volunteers, iddirs, WDAs, UHEPs and FHTs;
  • Prepares reports regarding project operations and delivers to Sub-city coordinator
  • Support mentorship of TB Focal persons, UHEPs, FHT, and volunteers to ensure proper operation of the project; closely collaborating with sub-city coordinator;
  • Maintains good interaction with members of the community to help achieve project goals and objectives;
  • Brings to the network expertise, experience, information and commitment to facilitate an integrated approach to TB prevention and control in the region;
  • Supports co-ordination, liaising and working closely with CSO volunteers, FHT/UHEPs, Health centre TB FPs. to ensure effective implementation of the project in their place assignment;
  • Reports to Sub-city Coordinator on the progress of the TB LON activities within the given timeframe;
  • Make workable plans to cope with prevailing situations; taking specific localities
  • Perform any other duty relevant for project implementation, assigned by his/her supervisor

Knowledge management

  • Actively shares knowledge with the PHCU TB control program including Private Health facilities;
  • Maintains personal in-depth knowledge on TB control areas and is able to understand as well as manage a frequently changing development related to TB (DS and DR-TB).

Number of positions:  1

Job Requirements

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in public health, minimum of 6-year relevant experience in TB control;
  • Proven experience in health program management;
  • Previous experience of working with PPM, FHT, UHEP, and CSOs;
  • Experience in community mobilization activities;
  • Evidence of Basic TB, TB/HIV/DR-TB training/s
  • Works with minimal supervision
  • Willingness to locate in one of the eleven sub-cities in Addis Ababa

How to Apply

Only candidates meeting the required qualifications and experience are invited to send their application letter, Updated CV, credentials, and summary of relevant work experience on one page to  [email protected] or [email protected] working days from the first appearance of the announcement.