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Job Description


The Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD) is an Ethiopian development NGO, established in 2005 and re-registered in 2009 under the Charities and Societies Proclamation No. 621/2009 as an Ethiopian Residents Charity. ECDD works collaboratively with other organizations to promote and facilitate “inclusive development” in Ethiopia – the inclusion of persons with disabilities in mainstream government and NGO service delivery and development projects and programs.


ECDD with the support of the Packard Foundation is promoting inclusion of persons with disabilities in sexual reproductive health and family planning services at target health centers. As part of the project, ECDD has completed an accessibility audit of selected health centers in Adama, Batu, and Shashemene. As part of this exercise, the project will be embarking on the  compilation of the accessibility audit reports of 13 health centers constituting 268 pages, 123 in English and 145 in Amharic along with many pictures rendering the actual look of various infrastructures at the health centers.


The compilation of the accessibility audit report serves the following objectives:


  •   Creating information regarding the accessibility of the Health Centers' internal buildings and entrances among Health Centers found under project implementation areas.
  •  Help the Health centers to identify accessibility-related barriers in their respective organization and develop effective resolution mechanisms to increase accessibility.



The scope of the services required under this consultancy includes:

Ø  Review the existing accessibility audit report of 13 health centers which consists of 268 pages of the narrative report with supporting pictures;


Ø  Undertake extensive editing and proofreading of the complete accessibility audit report fixing the English grammar, appropriate choice of words, sentence and paragraph construction, the unity and coherence of the report, and all formatting related issues with :

·               Arial Font Formatting

·               12 Point Font size

·               1.5 Line Spacing 

·               Justified Paragraph alignment

Ø  Use standard non-derogative terminologies on disability and persons with disabilities;

Ø  Translate all the Amharic reports into English. 145 pages.


Ø  Compile the overall document with each health center's audit report and town with clear  sections of the cover page, table of contents, introductory remarks, analysis of the findings as well as recommendations and conclusions;


Ø  Submit a soft copy of the first draft report to ECDD for feedback;


Ø  Collect and incorporate all ECDD comments and recommendations to produce the final edited report;


Ø  Submit the final compiled report (in hard and soft copies) as per the agreed work specifications. 

Job Requirements


The applicant should be an entity which is  duly registered and have

1.    renewed license for the current period

2.    The VAT registration and TIN certificate

3. relevant expertise and experience of report editing and compilation of documents.


1.    The first draft of the edited and compiled report shall be submitted to ECDD in soft copies within 20 days after the signing of the agreement.

2.    Comments and recommendations on hard copies and soft copies will be forwarded by ECDD, if any, within 3 days after the receipt of the documents

3.    The final edited and compiled report shall be delivered to ECDD in soft and Hard copies not later than a week after receipt of ECDD comments and recommendations on the first draft.  



a.    The first installment of 30 % of the total agreed fee upon the signing of the agreement.

b.    The final installment of 70% of the total agreed on fee after the submission of the final acceptance and approved compilation work by ECDD



 The applicant is expected to submit his/ her price mark on bases of pages of the audit report (268 pages, 145 pages Amharic and 123 English) including the translation price of 145 pages of Amharic audit report into English In person or through post office box mentioned below to ECDD office with ceiled envelop within 10 days of this announcement. 

How to Apply

Ethiopian Centre for Disability and Development (ECDD)

Meskel Flower Road, 400 meters Behind DreamLiner Hotel, House No. 575

P.O. Box- 1530 Code 1250

Tel. +251-114-165859; Fax: +251-114-165849

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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