WASH Program Manager

Engineering, Management, Water and Sanitation
Gode, Somali 
Career Level:
Senior Level (5+ years experience)
Employment Type:
Full time
Starting Basic Salary 23,995 ETB with other additional benefits provided according to the social benefit packages of the organization.

Job Description

As a registered charity, founded in 1979, Action Against Hunger operates in 45+ countries. The international network of Action Against Hunger is represented in France, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, USA and India. Teams in the field combat hunger on 04 fronts: Nutrition and Health, Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL), Water, Sanitation and hygiene (WASH), and Mental Health and Care Practices (MHCP).

We are currently looking for the following professional:


General Assignment: To manage WASH program activities, staffs and coordinate with government line bureaus and humanitarian actors in the target area. He/she will be involved in all the project cycle (assessment, proposal writing, implementation, M&E, and report writing to all stakeholders). 

Duties and Responsibilities:

1:- Contribute to the definition and implementation of AAH Policies, positioning and strategies in the mission.

  • Implements, in the framework of his projects, the missions WASH strategy taking into account the key internal and external documents: AAH charter, 2015 strategic framework, policies (WaSH and other AAH sector), Positioning papers (WaSH and transversals), national strategies and other specific legal framework enforced by the body/department in charge of WASH issues.
  • Contributes to the definitions of the missions WaSH strategy in cooperation with WaSH TA’s

2:-Contribute to the identification, definition, formulation of WaSH projects

  • Responsible for the geographic areas of intervention and working with target populations of:
  • Needs assessments and related reports. These reports must be written and transmitted to the WaSH TA
  • Writing and submission to the WaSH TA’s of WaSH related parts of the proposals (proposal narratives, budget and LFA)
  • Follow up the general situation(AWD, Outbreaks, humanitarian crisis,…) of intervention areas and immediately forward feedback

3: Ensure projects implementation, monitoring and reporting

  • Masters preferably his project(s) and related stakes, Logical framework and indicators (LFA). Has got printed copies of all projects contractual documents and ensures that his team is aware of them.
  • Develop technical guidelines for the implementation of his projects and have them validated by WaSH TA’s
  • Plans the implementation of his projects activities
  • Supervises the implementation of  projects activities using AAH tools (APR, DIP, Budget follow up …)
  • Contribute to and promote the monthly budget follow up
  • Implements donor and AAH visibility on the working sites of his projects
  • Responsible for the implementation in the working sites of the safety and security measures/rules for both AAH teams (including daily hired) and the populations/public
  • Implement transparency and accountability measures vis-à-vis the project beneficiaries, by making them participate throughout the project cycle. 
  • Undertake feasibility study, design Water supply  and sanitation projects, prepare DIP, prepare tender document for contracted out projects, and prepare procurement plan for items will procure at base and AA level
  • Ensure sanitation and hygiene approaches and  interventions will bring behavioral change within the community
  • Prepare, compile and submit monthly APRs to the manager and WASH TAs
  • Undertake reports (Donor report, government quarter report, monthly AAH report, contextual assessment report, KAP analysis report, terminal report,) and share to line manager and WASH TA.

4: Ensure Local AAH representation and coordination with other stakeholders within the intervention area

  • Coordinates AAH’s action with other stakeholders working in the intervention area
  • Support capacity building of AAH WaSH partners in the area of intervention
  • Promotes partnership with Local NGO’s , including capacity building, at district/provincial/regional level

5: Contribute to evaluation (internal and external) of projects effect/impact.

  • Contribute to the definitions of external evaluations (opportunities, ToR,….), supports external evaluators (during their missions), and implement recommendations coming out from external evaluations
  • Implement a double KAP(Baseline and End-line KAP) for projects that are relevant
  • Ensure and follow up data are properly prepared, codded, collected, analyzed and reported
  • Ensure participatory monitoring of projects and update the result for relevant stakeholders in consultation with WaSH TA’s
  • Collect data using GPS and plot on the intervention area map

6: Contribute pro-actively to HR management (including national staff career plan development)

  • Is the functional and hierarchical manager for the WaSH teams working on his project(S)
  • Takes part activities in the recruitment and the training of his staffs, in cooperation with the administrator or the logistic- administrator office
  • Ensure the evaluation (performance appraisal) of his staff
  • Ensure that WaSH staffs  weekly movement plan  are inconformity with meeting objectives of the program
  • Follow up staff movement (peridiem, day-offs, annual leave..) logistical needs, 

7: Contribute to the mission’s capitalization and to AAH communication

  • Writes and submits a handover/mission reports when his mission is over using the AAH format
  • Ensure the compilation on a soft drive of all essential documents related to his project(s) and transmits them to the WaSH TA’s. The WaSH TA’s will ensure that technically validated documents are further disseminated
  • Ensure compilation of soft drive of all relevant pictures of his project(s). these photos have to be transmitted to the communication department during the end of mission debriefing period at the HQ
  • Closely link with the WaSH TA’s and update info’s on regular basis.
  • Contribute to the definition and implementation of capitalization/technical research topics and on advocacy activities.
  • Contribute to the setup of AAH WaSH database in the mission
  • Representing AAH participate in the regional joint WaSH assessments, surveillance's, and task force meetings and forward feedback's on time to line managers  

Job Requirements

Educational / Professional Background Degree: Engineering degree or equivalent in the field related to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, or training/courses specific to WaSH in humanitarian contexts with a minimum of 5-years working experience.

Required skills: Applied skill on water, sanitation and hygiene projects management (public health, engineering…) interpersonal skill (team management, communication, reporting, autonomy, organisational skill, staff development, creative and innovative thinking, leadership skill, strategic decision making and planning, delegation of work, management of staffs, team building…).

Language: – Fluency in Somali and English Language is a mandatory

How to Apply


If you are interested, please send your application composed of none returnable CV, Covering Letter with “ WaSH Program Manager” written in the subject line , and two references to the following addresses:

Action Against Hunger – Addis Ababa – Human Resources Department, P.O. Box 2357,  (On the way to Meskel flower from Dembel city mall, Behind Addis Ababa Road Transportation Authority Garage ): or Through ; or Directly In Person to Action Against Hunger officer Addis Ababa, Gambella, Hirna, Mega, Sekota, Wollega and Gode Offices; or Through www.ethiojobs.net


“Women Applicants Are Highly Encouraged”


NB : Only short listed applicants will be communicated on and s election process includes technical test and an interview.

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