Senior Lawyer Investigator

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Consultancy and Training, Development and Project Management, Legal
Addis Ababa 
Career Level:
Senior Level (5+ years experience)
Employment Type:
In accordance to profile and experience

Job Description

Who are we?

Project Expedite Justice (PEJ) is a United States based NGO with 501(c)(3) charitable organization status founded in 2016.

PEJ’s mission is to use all available legal options to seek justice for individuals who are inadequately protected under the law, who cannot access legal resources, and who are exploited by governments, corporations, or others .

For our mission, PEJ applies a novel, victim-centered approach to addressing mass atrocities. PEJ’s three-step model consists of training , mentoring , and providing independent legal consulting . We partner and train local lawyers and investigators to collect, analyze, and preserve evidence according to international legal standards. Without evidence, there can be no accountability. We further build local capabilities and forward the justice process through case-specific mentoring and strategic guidance to local legal practitioners and investigators. Finally, we partner with local NGOs, pro bono law firms, and legal clinics to represent victims of international crimes and serious human rights abuses in court or alternative judicial mechanisms.

We have projects in various countries and are an inclusive team that includes people working remotely from many different places, including several countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and the USA. We are deeply committed to increasing the opportunity for lawyers from the global majority / global south to participate in international Rule of Law based non-profits. People from countries from the global majority are encouraged to apply for this role.


What is the job?

The Legal Investigator will support PEJ’s project “Protecting Human Rights and Promoting Justice in Ethiopia through Evidence Collection and Documentation.” This project aims to increase justice and accountability for serious human rights abuses in Ethiopia and improve human rights protection and observation over three years. Specifically, PEJ works closely with civil society organizations, lawyer associations, human rights defenders, and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission to build capacity on evidence collection and preservation and case strategy and advocacy. Specific program objectives are:  1) Increased capacity of these groups to investigate, document, and report serious human rights abuses in line with international standards for evidence collection and preservation; 2) increased capacity of groups to pursue accountability measures for serious human rights abuses in relevant legal and non-legal fora; 3) increased coordination and cooperation between civil society organizations and the Human Rights Commission to monitor, document, and report on serious human rights abuses.


What are the contract terms?

This is an outputs-based, in-person consulting contract, expected to take full working time for a six month period.


What is the scope of work?

The Senior Investigator Lawyer will work closely and be embedded in the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission.  The Senior Investigator Lawyer will be embedded with the EHRC for an average of 3 days per week. The remaining 2 days per week will be reserved to plan and strategize with PEJ staff. The Senior Investigator Lawyer will work closely with the Commission and build their technical capacity to conduct investigations and preserve evidence related to human rights abuses. The Senior Investigator Lawyer will also work closely with the Commission and PEJ to develop case strategies and advocacy recommendations on specific instances of human rights abuses. 


What will you do?

The Senior Investigator and Lawyer will be responsible for the following deliverables:

  • Develop and deliver training to Human Rights Commission Investigators on investigating human rights abuses, including evidence collection and preservation.
  • Mentor a cohort of investigators in the Human Rights Commission on conducting their own investigations.
  • Work closely with the PEJ team and the Human Rights Commission to develop case strategies and advocacy initiatives.
  • Provide technical expertise and knowledge related to investigations and legal strategy. 

Job Requirements

Your talents and skills:

  • A law degree and current qualification as a lawyer.
  • A minimum of 5 years of Legal experience in human rights and human rights litigation.
  • Experience in conducting investigations on human rights abuses.
  • Experience working in transitional justice systems.
  • Experience in developing training curricula on investigation and preservation of evidence, as well as case strategy and development, particularly with a human rights component.
  • Experience mentoring and advising colleagues and leading investigation teams.
  • Experience working on sensitive issues in a variety of working contexts.
  • Ability to work in high pressure or complicated work environments.

How to Apply

How to apply:

By January 31, 2022, email [email protected] with “Application: Senior Investigator EHRC” in the subject line, and attach:


1.     CV (max two pages)

2.     Cover letter (including your thoughts on what challenges you would want to tackle first if you were to join the organization)

3. Writing sample