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Consultancy and Training, Legal
Addis Ababa 
Career Level:
Senior Level (5+ years experience)

Job Description

Terms of Reference (ToR) to conduct a research on the Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups in the pre, during and post 2021 National Election in Ethiopian


 With the vision of creating a platform for strong and vibrant human rights CSOs for the realization of human rights and democratic values in Ethiopia, the Consortium of Ethiopian Human Rights Organizations (CEHRO) was registered on the 16 th of March 2018 (re-registered as per 1113/2019 with registration number 3932). Its mission is to ensure the existence of enabling environment for Human Rights and Democratic Governance CSOs through evidence based advocacy, constructive dialogue and partnerships for actions. CEHRO is a membership organization with 17 voting and 3 associate members.

From its establishment, CEHRO has been determined and working for the advancement of human rights protection in Ethiopia by creating a common platform for human rights CSOs to articulate their voices and launch evidence-based advocacy. CEHRO works to expand the space for human rights CSOs and continue engagement with stakeholders’ building the capacity of existing and emerging human rights organizations to ensure effective human rights, democratic governance and peace-building works.

The Call

CEHRO in collaboration with the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) is implementing a project that audits the 2021 National election of Ethiopia and advocate for post-election reforms through enhancing the capacity of Human Rights CSOs in evidence based advocacy and building a human rights responsive culture in the political transition in Ethiopia.

 CEHRO is looking for a competent consultant to conduct a research that assess to what extent contending political parties have made human rights and inclusivity of vulnerable groups (children, IDPs, PWDs, Women, elderly, and hard to reach communities, etc.) their priority in their manifesto and campaign issues as well as lobby the same parties to keep their promises while they get office.

  Scope of the Work

 The scope of this call is to conduct a research to audit the 2021 national election focusing on the pre, during and post-election process in Ethiopia. The research should cover, but not limited to the following issues:

  • Internationally accepted Principles of inclusiveness for vulnerable groups,
  • The Legal framework supporting inclusive election in applicable international and domestic laws,
  • the method and technique used in promoting post-election accountability and reforms,  
  • The role of CSOs, Medias, courts, national Human right institutions (EHRC and NEBE)  in realizing inclusive elections,
  • Best practices for engagement of  CSOs and medias for better inclusion of vulnerable groups for future elections
  •  Analysis of the human rights situation during the electoral cycles (pre, during and post-election phases),
  • The challenges, opportunities and lessons for CSOs, media, courts and political parties as well as NEBE from the 2021 national election,
  • Recommendations for CSOs, Media, Political parties, NEBE and EHRC in the promotion  and respect of human rights in post-election reforms and the mechanism of promoting post-election accountability
  • Include any relevant content recommended by CEHRO.
  • Devise advocacy strategy and tools for CSOs and media for promoting post-election accountability
  • Analyze the Political parties campaign and promises,
  • Document incidents and the extent to which the rights that are integral parts of the right to vote and to be elected, including freedom of expression, assembly, and demonstration, enshrined in the constitution are applied and respected during the election campaign, election-day and post-election.
  • Compile Media coverage of the electoral process, statements of political parties, findings and reports of election observers, reports of election fraud, political corruption (if any), court decisions, NEBE decisions on complaints.



The consultant is expected to incorporate the views of political parties leaders, media houses, journalists, CSOs engage in the civic and voters’ education, organizing election debates and conducting election observations, NEBE officials, Judges entertained election cases, key development partners, the law makers (federal and regional), as well as democracy activists.

Special attention shall be given to CSOs working on the rights of PWDs, IDPs, Women, Children and other marginalized groups. The consultant is expected to present the findings of the research on a national workshop to be organized by CEHRO.  The finding of the research will be prepared in Amharic, published and disseminated to stakeholders.


 The consultant is expected to complete this assignment within forty five days starting from the date of the award. The consultant is expected to deliver the research paper both in hard and soft copy. 

Job Requirements

Applicant Qualification 

 The Individual Consultant interested in this assignment is required to have the following qualifications.

  1. At least a master’s degree in human rights, political science or related fields,
  2. A minimum 5 years of experience in conducting researches related to peace, democracy and human rights,
  3. Excellent knowledge and understanding of legal, socio-economic, political and cultural context of the CSOs, Media and political parties operating in Ethiopia.
  4. Excellent written and spoken skills in Amharic.
  5. Proven experience of providing training and excellent communication skills.
  6. Relevant experience on editing and evaluating manual relating to this call topic is a plus.
  7. Women PWDs candidates are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified applicants should send the following document to email: [email protected] no later than September 21, 2021.

  • Technical proposal (including approaches of methodology, tentative work plan, CV, work certificate and proposed content of the research),
  • Financial proposal (including the daily/hourly rate of the consultant),
  • Renewed Business License,
  • TIN certificate, 
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