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Consultancy and Training, Social Sciences and Community
Addis Ababa 

Job Description

Ethiopia 101 Course for the USAID Organizational Development Activity (ODA)

Project Background

USAID has requested that ODA conduct the Ethiopia 101 course: an informative 40-hour course designed to provide US Government staff working in Ethiopia with the foundational grounding in the historical, social, and economic features of Ethiopia, and current political and developmental challenges and opportunities. To successfully implement this course, ODA will bring together a team of recognized researchers and experts on Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa region to offer a wide range of perspectives on Ethiopia’s complex historical, social, and political fabric.

Objectives of the Course

Given the dynamic and evolving sociopolitical and economic context in which the Mission operates, it is critical that Mission staff have the requisite historical and contextual understanding of Ethiopia in order to:

  • Prepare them for working in Ethiopia in a culturally sensitive manner, particularly as they engage with government counterparts and partners.
  • Improve cross-cultural understanding and team building between Foreign Service Officers and Ethiopian Foreign Service Nationals.
  • Develop a level of understanding required to design and manage the implementation of evidence based and contextually grounded development programs.

ODA will be responsible for the coordination and quality assurance of the course, ensuring that highly qualified lecturers deliver dynamic, and engaging sessions, including the use of multimedia resource materials.

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Number RFP-2022-04

Funder:  Social Impact/USAID

RFP Release Date:  April 7, 2022

Deadline for Questions:  April 14, 2022 9AM EAT

Answers to Questions:  April 15, 2022

Deadline for Proposals:  April 25, 2022 5PM EAT

Job Requirements

Submission Instructions

Bidders should follow the instructions below for submission of questions and proposals:


  • Please use subject line “PROJECT NAME – RFP NUMBER”
  • Please send to all email addresses in the “Contact” field on page 1 by the deadline for questions. Late submission of questions will be considered on a case by case basis by the SI project team.


Technical Proposals: Bidders will submit technical proposals, using the page limitations described below. Material that exceeds the page limitations will not be reviewed or scored by Social Impact. Technical proposals will not include any financial information; Social Impact may disqualify bids that include financial information in the technical proposal. The technical proposal will consist of the following components, such that the full technical proposal does not exceed 15 pages (including CVs).

  • Technical Approach : no longer than five (5) pages including the above-outlined sections.
  • Personnel : no longer than two (2) pages summarizing key personnel qualifications and experience within the technical proposal along with a description of the approach for recruiting other field staff for the data collection activity; CVs for key personnel should be included in the technical proposal, and altogether shall not exceed five (5) pages.
  • Past Performance : Three (3) past performance reports, including contact information for references, not exceeding three (3) pages. Social Impact reserves the right to contact references provided in these past performance reports. At least one of these reports should include directly relevant experience in Ethiopia.

Cost Proposals: No costing data should be included in the technical proposal. Instead, it should be saved in a separate document clearly marked. The cost proposal shall consist of a budget in Excel with traceable formulas and clear explanation of any assumptions made. Bidders are strongly encouraged (though not required) to use the budget template provided in Annex A to this RFP. Costs should be presented in USD and should not exceed USD $30,000.00.

Bidders are also required to submit a budget narrative (Word or PDF) summarizing key assumptions in the budget.  Budget narratives should not exceed a total of two (2) pages. 

How to Apply

Please use subject line “PROJECT NAME – RFP NUMBER”. Please send to all email addresses in the “Contact” field on page 1 by the deadline for proposals. Late submissions will not be accepted.


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