Terms of Reference

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Consultancy and Training, Social Sciences and Community
Addis Ababa 

Job Description

Oromia Pastoralist Association(OPA)

Terms of Reference (TOR) for conducting Conflict Analysis Assessment in Borena zone


The Oromia Pastoralist Association (OPA) is a non- government, non-for-profit, community-based organization established in 2006 by committed pastoralist community members from Bale, Borana, Fentalle, Guji and Hararge dry-land areas in Oromia region.  Since, its establishment the Association has been implementing several community based Projects aimed at promoting positive changes in the lives and livelihoods of pastoralists through strengthening local capacities of communities and their governance structures to participate in effective policy processes and development actions that help improve their peaceful co-existence, food security and livelihoods in the pastoarlist areas of Oromia region.

Currenlty, the Oromia Pastoralist Association (OPA) has designed the Crisis Response and Resilience Building Project with the fund from the CST Ethiopia Country Office aimed at building resilient communities to with stand shocks and stress in Borena zone.  The Project will be implemented in Dire and Moyale Districts of Borena zone.   As part of the project implementation process, the Oromia Pastoralist Association(OPA) is intended to commision  the study to assess and identify root causes of community conflict and existing local desputes resolution mechanisms and plan and execute the Peace building and conflict transformation interventions informed by the  study.  To this end, OPA would  like to recruit a qualified and competent individual consultant on short term basis and conduct the Conflict analysis assessment in the Project target Woreda indicated above. 

Purpose and Objectives of the Study

The overall objective of the study is to conduct conflict Analysis asessessment and identify and understand the root causes of conflict and existing despute resolution mechanisms of the Community( the profile, key actors, and trends of conflict and identify priority areas of focus)  in Dire and Moyale Woredas of Borena zone while the Specific objectives of:

  • To identify and map the profile of conflict, its trends, and key connectors and dividers of the conflict.
  • To identify overall picture of the conflict in each Woreda and its trends including major actors in the conflict.
  • To identify and document conflict drivers/root causes, triggers, typical factors for and against  peace.
  • To Assess and identify the existing local despute resolution mechanims of the community.
  • To propose and reccommends context based  relevant Peace building and conflict transformation intervention actions that help to address the root causes of the conflict and promote peaceful coexistence in the areas informed by the assessment. 

Expected Results of the Study

  • The Conflict Analysis Assessment  is conducted and  the root causes of the community conflict and thier local/traditional mechanisms of solving desputes is identified by the Consultant.
  •  Conflict Analysis conducted and the actors  of the conflict, factors for the conflict and dynamics and seasonality of the conflict informed by the assessment.
  • The Assessment  result informs and suggests effective and relavant Peace building and conflict transformation intervention measures  and implementation approaches to be employed by the project. 

Description of Assignment  ( Scope of Work)

  • The individual consultant’s assignment is to conduct conflict analysis Assessment in Moyale and Dire Woredas of Borena zone. The specific responsibilities of the assignment include the following:  
  • The  Consultant is expected to conduct discusion with  Customary leaders, Elders and the relevant government sector Offices and identify the existing Political, social, economic, and cultural context driving conflict in each Project target Woreda.
  • Assess and  identify the root causes and key triggers of conflict in the project target Woredas.
  • Asess and identify the main actors in conflict (for peace and against peace) in this regard, examine their main interests, positions, capacities and relationships, Opportunities for the project to engage with those actors.
  •  Assess the current trends of conflict and identify what opportunities/capacities exist to build peace and resolve conflicts.
  • Asess and identify existing community mechanisms of adressing and dealing with the conflict.
  • Suggest and propose/recommends Possible Peace building intervention actions with thier implementation modality to be used by the project during the implementationn period. 


The key deliverable for this assignment is a comprehensive feasibility study report for planning and implementing appropriate and relevant Peace Building and Social cohesion activities in project target Kebeles of Moyale and Dire Woredas. The consultant/s is expected to produce the following key deliverables:

  • Draft report with data sets from the field and summary of findings fom Local Government Stakeholders.
  • Final report involving inputs from OPA staff, CST and key stakeholders from the validation workshop with key recommendations on possible peace-building interventions relevant to each context. The final report  should also include a list of key informants/interviewees and reference materials, and implementation approaches or modality which guarantees the involvement and ownership of community and  all the stakeholders. 


The consultant is expected to use a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to generate data for the assessment. The consultant is required to review relevant literature and draw data appropriate for the assessment and the list of references should be submitted as part of the assessment report. The consultant is also expected to apply the recognized conflict analysis frameworks and tools such as the conflict sensitivity framework to generate data for the assignment.  The consultant is  required to conduct focus group discussions and key informant interviews as necessary with Customary leaderss, elders  and key Local Government stakeholders related to the peacebuilding work and social cohesion.  Finaly the consultant/s is required to develop detailed methodologies with all appropriate frameworks and tools necessary for the assessment and determine the structure of the report in line with  the scope of the assignment.

Location of Assignment/Feasibility Study

The Feasibility study is going to be conducted in Buladi and Madacho kebeles of Moyale and Dire Districts of Borena zone respectively. The study requires travel to the project target Kebeles and conducting consultations  and meetings with community representatives and officials and Experts from relevant government sectors of both Woredas.  

Key Responsibilities of the Consultant

Some of the key responsibilities of the Individual Consustant during this studies are:

  • Prepare comprehensive data collection tool in local language to gather adequate information and data on topics of the study.
  • Prepare and submit Detail Implementation plan(DIP) to OPA for follow up and support.
  • Recruits, trains and mobilizes competent and qualified local enumerators to collect the required data.
  • Conduct actual Conflict Anaysis Assessment in the project target Kebeles of Dire and Moyale Districts.
  • Prepare Draft report to validate the study results on Validation workshop/other platform  to be organized  by the Oromia Pastoralist Association(OPA).
  • Prepare and submit consolidated comprehensive study report including anaysis of problems, prioritized intervention responses and implementation modality and approaches for each intervention options identified by the study.
S/no Description of activities Duration
1 Developing data collection tools and recruiting data collectors Week one
2 Conducting actual data collection activity Week two
3 Preparation of initial study report and presenting the findings on Workshop/other platform conved by the OPA to validate the study results.  Week three
4 Prepare and submit the final study report incorporating all feedbacks recieved during the validation Workshop Week Four

Job Requirements

Profile of the Consultant

The consultant shall have the following profile:

  • Individual Consultant must possess the Postgraduate degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, Social Anthropology, Social Work, Social Sciences or other related fields of study.
  • Proven experience in conducting conflict analysis or related participatory research in Pastoralist areas of the country and designing Peace building Programme.
  • Familiarity with the current conflict dynamism in Pastoralist areas  and sensitivity to conflict, ethnicity, and religion.
  • Stong  in report writing , data collection and analysis skills.
  • Strong undestanding and knowledge of sustainable livelihood framework approach and development challenges in Pastoralist areas.
  • Should have adequate knowledge in stakeholder engagement.
  • Fluency in English and Afaan Oromo is mandatory. Strong English report writing skills.
  • Must have renewed valid license.

Proposal Requirements/Required Documents

  • The technical and financial proposal should be submitted separately sealed envelope, however both tasks
  • The financial proposal should include all costs clearly and indicate the rate 
  • Both technical and financial proposal must be as clear as possible and indicate quality assurance mechanism.
  • Soft Copy of legal document/renewed license should be submitted along with other documents. 

How to Apply

Interested and qualified consultant to this assignment is invited to submit:

  • Technical and financial proposal separately 
  • Schedule for the tasks
  • Renewed Legal documents if it’s a firm.

Submit in person( Hard Copy) to Oromia Pastoralist Assocation(OPA) Admin and HR department, head Office, Kirkos Sub-city, Woreda o4, house number 029, Behind tele Gurage, near Ada Hotel, telephone +251 118 96 02 32/+251 910-11-92-43, Addis Ababa or

Soft Copies Via email: [email protected]

Note: Our procurement procedures reflect our commitment to child protection and safeguarding. To support this, individuals/firms hired are expected to sign Staff Behavior Protocols and Declaration of Commitment on Safeguarding and other organizational commitments before commencing the service.

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