Terms of Reference (ToR)

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Consultancy and Training, Social Sciences and Community
Addis Ababa 
Career Level:
Senior Level (5+ years experience)

Job Description

Terms of Reference (ToR) For

Consultancy to Conduct an Assessment on International and Regional Legal Framework and instruments to which Ethiopia is a party and local laws that have relevance to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Rights to Vote and actively Engage in the Political Process in Ethiopia.       


The works of Human Rights focused civil society organizations (CSOs) suffered as direct targets of man domineering legislative, institutional and political measures taken by the government for the past many years, especially before 2018 in Ethiopia. With the vision of creating a platform for strong and vibrant human rights CSOs for the realization of human rights and democratic values in Ethiopia, an engagement with Human Rights CSOs started in 2015and Consortium of Ethiopian Human Rights Organizations (CEHRO) was registered on the 16th of March 2018 (re-registered as per 1113/2019 with registration number 3932). Currently, CEHRO has 17 active CSO members from regions of the country. From its establishment, CEHRO is determined and working to the advancement of human rights protection in Ethiopia by creating a common platform for human rights CSOs to articulate their voices and launch well-articulated and evidence based advocacy to expand the space for human rights CSOs and continue engagement with stakeholders as well as building the capacity of both the old and new human rights CSOs, to ensure effective human rights and democratic governance works. However, the increasing number IDPs and the gaps in the legal and institutional frameworks for their protection remain a challenge for the protection of human rights of all in Ethiopia. It is well established that inter-communal conflict takes the preponderance in forcing thousands of people to flee their homes. However, there is no binding international legal instrument on IDPs except the African Union Convention for the Protection and Assistance of Internally Displaced Persons in Africa (Kampala Convention). Even though, the general human rights provisions under chapter three (3) of the FDRE Constitution are equally available for IDPs and most of the international human rights instruments ratified by Ethiopia are pertinent for IDPs protection and there is the Kampala convention ratified with Proclamation No.1185/2020 in Ethiopia, there is neither a separate national policy nor a specific law to regulate internal displacement and ensure the implementation of the Kampala convention in Ethiopia.

This demands an assessment of international and regional legal frameworks to which Ethiopia is a party and local laws including the 1995 FDRE Constitution, the Electoral laws governing elections in Ethiopia as well as the National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE)’s directives, such as the Special Polling Stations (SPS) Directive, the criminal code, and any other laws and policies that have relevance to the IDPs’ rights to vote and actively engage in the political process in Ethiopia. The findings from the assessment will enable CEHRO makes appropriate recommendations for legal and policy reforms, legislation of laws, policies, and directives; advocate and lobby for such recommendations to be taken by the respective organs such as NEBE, MoJ (Ministry of Justice), and the HPR (House of Peoples’ Representatives).

Objectives of the Consultancy Service

CEHRO intends to do this assessment is on international and regional legal frameworks to which Ethiopia is a party and local laws that have relevance to the IDPs’ rights to vote and actively engage in the political process in general with the aim of developing legal and policy recommendations, documents, and post-electoral advocacy strategies based on the findings and the recommendations of the assessment. Specific Objectives of the assessment:

  • To assess and analyze the inclusiveness of  legal and policy reform, legislation of laws, policies, and directives to promote IDPs political participation against the international law;
  • To assess how the Ethiopian legal and policy reforms including the Ethiopian electoral laws promote IDPs participation in the electoral process as candidates, voters, and election officials.
  • To use the findings and recommendations to advocate and lobby actions to be taken by respective organs such us MoP, NEBE, MoJ and HPR
  • To use the findings and recommendations to inform the development of a national policy or draft model local law to regulate IDPs inconsistent with the Kampala convention
  • To provide a policy brief that guides and ensures the advocacy efforts.

Scope of work

  • As a key component, CEHRO intends the scope of work for this consultancy services to focus on the following:- 
  • The consultant will conduct a review of existing literature, studies, and related works (both done in Ethiopia and internationally) on IDPs and their inclusion in political and electoral processes.
  • The consultant will conduct a desk review/analysis of the existence of laws that uphold the rights of IDPs to vote and actively engage in the political process under international and regional legal frameworks to which Ethiopia is a party and local laws and the application of the laws.; The review will consider the following among others:
    • map out international, regional, and local laws as well as instruments to which Ethiopia is a party that upholds the rights of IDPs to vote and actively engage in the political process
    • review on an adequate coverage of the IDPs’ rights in the legal frameworks;
    • identify any discriminatory provisions on the engagement of IDPs in the political process
  • The consultant will review the National Human Rights Action Plan III (NHARP III) focusing on its inclusion of IDPs issues in particular their participation in the post-election reforms. The review will consider the following among others:
    • assess how the NHRAP III  meets the international standards to promote IDPS inclusiveness in electoral processes and other political participation;
    • Identify any gaps in the NHRAP III on the inclusion of IDPs issues;
  • Collect information on IDPs participation rate during the Sixth National Elections from NEBE, political parties, and other stakeholders.
  • The consultant will make an analysis of the experience of other countries in a similar context as a comparative analysis. 
  • The consultant will prepare recommendations for the development of documents and advocacy strategy for the purpose of advocating and lobbying such recommendations to be taken by the respective organs.
  • Perform other tasks as required to achieve the objectives of the scope of work.


The consultant is expected to propose a comprehensive and effective methodology to produce high-quality, comprehensive and practical deliverables.

Expected Deliverables

  • Submission of a draft report;
  • Develop- white papers for advocacy;
  • Presentation and participation at a validation of the draft report to be organized by CEHRO; and
  • Submission of final report based on review of the draft report and outputs from the validation workshop

Timeline and number of days

CEHRO anticipates the consultant to complete this assignment within one (1) month. The starting date will be the signing of the consultancy agreement.

Job Requirements

Qualifications for the lead consultant

  • LLB/LLM/BA/MA in Political Science or related social science fields and minimum 5/8 years of experience in researching, analyzing, and reviewing projects relating to Human rights, IDPs rights, and related issues.
  • Relevant experience in assessments of legal frameworks and policy documents.
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of the legal, socio-economic, political, and cultural context of the country, specifically the inclusiveness of IDPs in political processes.
  • Excellent written and spoken skills in Amharic and English.
  • Excellent research, analytical, and communication skills.
  • Knowledge and deep understanding of Human Rights and its sector.
  • Having knowledge of and/or proven expertise in participatory approaches in conducting assessments

How to Apply

Document needed (qualification & competences)

To be considered for this consultancy services opening, interested and qualified candidate should provide the following documents in a sealed envelope to our office in person within five (5) days of this announcement or send the same at  [email protected] :

  • Renewed Business License;
  • Tin No
  • VAT registration certificate;
  • Previous Work experience on the issue and related issues;
  • CV and
  • Reference (if any) 


  • Those interested consultancy firms/ individual contractors who fulfill the above minimum requirements can submit their technical and financial proposals.
  • Technical and Financial proposals must be submitted separately in person to the CEHRO office in a sealed envelope or email at  [email protected]
  • CEHRO Office: Bole Sub City Woreda 02- Afomi Building 6th floor, located behind Friendship Business center.
  • For further information you can call: +25118-54-58-97, +251-911-53-94-46

Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply!

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