TOR to Conduct Gap Assessment on Anti-GBV Policy

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Addis Ababa 
Career Level:
Senior Level (5+ years experience)

Job Description


        Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association was established at the federal level in 1996 by female lawyers. It is an indigenous civic organization registered by the Civil Society Authority; it has been working for more than 25 years to promote women's social, economic, political and legal rights to help women exercise their constitutional and other rights.
        The aim of the association is to promote equal participation of women in all sectors and to prevent sexual violence against women and create a safe environment for women through its three programs: Legal Research and Advocacy, Public Education and Capacity Building, and Free Legal Aid service. EWLA has a vision to see a country where women are equal to men with the mission of promoting the economic, political, social and legal rights of women and to that end assist them to secure full protection of their rights under the Constitution of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and other international human rights conventions. 

Since its establishment EWLA has been served victim women with pain of injustice and of those seeking free legal aid service and become a place where they get relief, addressing the issue of gender equality, women empowerment and violence against women among many other issues.

With a view to achieve these objectives, EWLA has been implementing varying projects in collaboration with its donors. Currently, EWLA is implementing a project titled “Influencing and Evidence Grant (IEG)” through Plan International Ethiopia with back donor plan Canada. The project aims at strengthening the capacity of women lead organization with the support. Particularly with focuses on collective evidence and advocacy works in order to prevent and mitigate GBV cases.

Gender based violence remains one of the biggest hurdles and continues to be a persistent national issue in Ethiopia. Gender-based violence and harmful traditional practices against women in Ethiopia have deep roots on the gender inequalities between men and women. Although, violence against women has begun to obtain more sensitivity nationally over the last two decades, violence against women is still mainly hidden.

The government of Ethiopia is committed to end GBV, and as a country ratified international agreements that protect the right of women and girls, such as the convention on the elimination of discrimination against women/CEDAW/ and the protocol to the African charter on the rights of women in Africa.

To support the implementation of ending gender based violence,  a draft anti- GBV policy is being developed in order to establish a clear vision, mission, objectives, principles, policy measures, and implementation strategies for GBV prevention and response, monitoring and evaluation, as well as an accountability mechanism for various actors in the country

As a women leading human rights defender organization, EWLA aims to intervene in the process of anti-GBV policy development with the objective of strengthening the government programing, law and policy making in addressing the root cause of SGBV and accelerate the implementation on the draft anti -GBV policy.

The purpose of the project intervention is to contribute the enactment of a comprehensive anti GBV policy and influence the process to advance gender equality. Hence, under this project, EWLA seeks to conduct an assessment of the draft anti GBV policy with a view show the gaps to stakeholders in handling GBV cases. In order to do so, EWLA wants to hire a consultant who will conduct an assessment on draft anti GBV policy under review.

Objective of the Assignment

The objective of this assignment is to strengthen government programing, law and policy making in addressing the root cause of GBV and accelerate the implementation on the draft anti GBV policy. 

Scope of the Work

The scope of the work is conducting an assessment on Ethiopian draft anti -GBV policy drafted and used to create awareness about the issue to stakeholders. To do so the consultant is expected to prepare the assessment on GBV within the existing legal framework drafted. While doing the assessment the consultant is expected at least to address the following issues

  • Describe what constitutes in GBV policy:
  • Assess the international, regional and national frameworks that address GBV policy;
  • The drawbacks/gaps of draft anti-GBV policy in addressing GBV;
  • Challenges in investigation and prosecution of GBV cases; Judicial responses to GBV
  • Observations, challenges and gaps in addressing GBV
  • Conclusions and recommendations on the anti GBV policies drafted; 

Expected Results and Deliverables

Inception Report  which contains the content of assessment, methodology, and work plan with a timeframe

Draft Study Report :  The Consultant is expected to deliver the draft of assessment report on draft Gender Based Violence policy in Ethiopia (GBV).

Final Study Report : This should be delivered seven working days after EWLA gives feedback to the consultant on the assessment document.

Presentation in a workshop : The Consultant will present the Draft assessment report in a workshop to be organized by EWLA.


The draft assignment report is expected to be completed within 30 calendar days from the time of signing of the contract. The consultant shall consider to accommodate feedbacks from an external reviewer and submit the final report no later than 7 days after she/he received the feedbacks.

Time Frame

  • 30 day is allocated for the completion of the assessment from the time of signing of the contract.
  • The consultant is obliged to submit progress report to EWLA every 10 days
  • The consultant should complete and submit to EWLA the design of the assessment and the data collection instruments within 5 days after the signing of the contract. 
  • The consultant shall submit a draft copy of the assessment at the 15 th day for comment by EWLA, which EWLA should complete and return with in three days.
  • Presentation of the findings will be conducted at a validation workshop to be organized by EWLA at the 22 nd day of the assessment for comments and opinions by stakeholders.

The consultant shall submit the final copy of the assessment on the 30 th day of the Assessment 

Job Requirements

Required Qualifications

  • At least Master’s Degree in Law, with focus on human rights, GBV policy
  • At least 5 years of relevant work experience in human rights and GBV areas in Ethiopia,
  • Ability to work independently and respond to feedback in a timely and professional manner
  • Experience in assessing policies
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills, and attention to details

Company Legal Requirements: Interested applicants should submit:

  • Valid Certificate of Consultancy Service or valid law and consultancy service license  
  • Valid Trading License/valid law and consultancy service lienee
  • Valid Tax Registration Certificate (indicating TIN and VAT/TOT Number)
  • Full and accurate physical, postal, telephone, and email addresses

How to Apply

Interested applicants should submit separate technical and financial proposals and other documents in the application procedure section of this TOR in two sealed envelopes through the following address:

EWLA Head Office: Bulgaria Mazoria, Behind, St. Michael Church 

Or   [email protected] (Write “TOR to conduct Gap Assessment on anti-GBV Policy” as a subject line of your email

Contact person cell phone: +251911564918   

NB: - This TOR, as and when necessary, is open to further amendments through discussion between the     consultant and EWLA.

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