Fabrication Operations Manager

Contact Details
Company : General Job Post Account-16
Company Name/ Contact Person : N.A Metal Industry & Engineering
E-Mail : NA
Phone : 0118-21-19-16 / 0941-81-18-14
Job Details
Job Title : Fabrication Operations Manager
Date Posted/Updated : Tuesday, August 25, 2020
Application Deadline : Thursday, September 3, 2020
Job Type : Full Time
Category : Engineering
Job Code : NA
N.A Metal Industry & Engineering
Vacancy Announcement

Position: Fabrication Operations Manager

Overall Responsibilities
• Monitor and control a production process to adjust operations according to the need and volumes of Sales and marketing operations. Collaborate with marketing and sales department to implement strategies that’ll improve the marketability of manufactured products. Besides, Fabrication Operations Manager oversee fabrication processes, supervise employees, assigning duties, ordering materials and consumables from Warehouse or Store, minimizing waste, providing leadership, inspecting carried work, ensuring a safe workplace, and recruiting staff.

Place of Work: Addis Ababa

How to Apply:
• Interested applicants can submit CV with non-returnable copy of education and work experience credentials to Human Resources Department and application deadlines is 10 working days from the date of this vacancy announcement.
• Job Location: Addis Ababa, near Haile Garment Square.
• Tel: 0118-21-19-16 / 0941-81-18-14
Job Requirement
• MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Fabrication or related fields of studies with minimum of 5 years of Experience in similar Position
• BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Fabrication Engineering or related fields of studies with minimum of 8 years of Experience in similar Position
Education Level : Bachelor's
Experience : 5-10 years
City : Addis Ababa
State : Addis Ababa
Country : Ethiopia
Salary Details
Min. Monthly Salary : N/A
Max. Monthly Salary : N/A
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