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Senior Level (5+ years experience)
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Job Description

1.  Project Background

The International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology ( icipe ) is an international scientific research institute, headquartered in Nairobi , Kenya that works towards improving lives and livelihoods of people in Africa. icipe is partnering with the Mastercard Foundation to implement the MOre Young Entrepreneurs in Silk and Honey (MOYESH) programme. The purpose of this partnership intervention is to secure fulfilling and dignified employment and income for unemployed young women and men by scaling up integrated beekeeping and silk farming businesses, building on lessons learned from the YESH project and leveraging the public-private partnerships that are already created. MOYESH aims to secure decent employment opportunities and income for 100,000 (of which 60% are female) unemployed youth and women in four (Amhara, Oromia, SNNP and Tigray) regions of Ethiopia through technology-based entrepreneurship, financial innovation and capacity building in silk and honey.

To achieve this, the MOYESH programme is seeking consultancy/training service to conduct a training on marketing and financial literacy to assist youth enterprises to strengthen their capacity to be able to identify local product potential, facilitate linkages to market and be able to manage finances efficiently and effectively.

2.  Description of the Assignment

The consultants will be commissioned to carry out the assignment on “marketing and financial literacy training for MOYESH youth” Specifically the consultants will deliver marketing and financial literacy training” for selected MOYESH youth enterprises in SNNP region.

?      The consultant is authorized to render part of service through third parties using a sub-contract arrangement. The client will not be responsible for managing the sub-contracted experts if such arrangements are implemented. The consultant hired will guarantee for the services rendered by the experts. The consultant shall be bound to indemnify MOYESH from all claims by the experts.

The specific tasks and responsibilities are:

(A)   Preparation and conduct of training

1.    Make sure trainers and supervisors are familiar with the training module and schedule provided by MOYESH team

2.    Prepare practical examples and exercises the trainees can do in relation to the training modules.

3.    Develop a structure of the training sessions, in close cooperation with the MOYESH program Value chain and Market system team

4.    Identify requirements (logistics, equipment, etc.) for the training conduct. Logistics (transportation and material distribution will be handled by MOYESH.

5.    Attend an orientation session at the head office of icipe for half a day to get an understanding of the training to be delivered and arrangement of logistics.

6.    Attend an orientation session with the technical assistants and Woreda focal 1 before the delivery of the training sessions

7.    The training session shall consist of three training days, including theoretical and practical training 

(B)   Sharing of trainer’s profiles and a final training report

1.     Prepare training reports using MOYESH training report format including information on training’s objective, method, approach, implementation, participants and recommendations.

Training report as stipulated in the ToR shall be submitted electronically to the MOYESH program Office. VCMS team.

If not specified otherwise in the Terms of Reference, reports and deliverables must be sent latest three days after the end of the assignment. All reports have to be submitted in English, as a digital version (Microsoft Word), The Contractors shall undertake to correct and / or complete the deliverables if requested to do so by the program.

2. The firm needs to share the trainers’ CV with their respective credentials and other required documents of the firm with its track record. 

3. Objectives

The overall objective of this training is to conduct a training on marketing and financial literacy to assist youth and women enterprises to strengthen their capacity to facilitate linkages to the market and be able to manage finances efficiently and effectively.

The specific training objectives are:

  Financial Literacy Training

  1. Introduce youth group with the concept of budgeting
    1. Explain the concept of budgeting.
    2. Describe the importance of budgeting
    3. Describe process of budgeting
  2. Introduce youth with cash flow and liquidity management
  3. Introduce youth with the concept of saving and loan processes
    1. Explain the different financial institution youth can get financial services from
    2. Explain the benefits of saving and loan services
    3. Train youth on types of saving and loan products in line with their businesses
    4. Help youth get familiar with the available saving and loan products at nearby financial institutions
    5. Educate youth on basic terminology regarding financial services such as inflation, interest rate and payback period
  4. Train youth on financial Statement Preparation
  5. Train youth on financial Record Keeping
  6. Introduce youth to important Formats that can be used for proper financial management

Marketing Training

7. To assist target project youth enterprises so that they u nderstand the importance of conducting market environment analysis or market research on an on-going basis and steps necessary to conduct effective market research.

8. Introduce the youth group with the concept and application of the 5 pillars of marketing strategy:

?      Product

?      Price

?      Place (distribution method)

?      Promotion and

?      People

9. To support target youth enterprises to understand:

?      Market plan

?      Market chain

?      Building market linkage

?      Negotiation skills, and how to build a connection to the private sector.

10. To assist youth enterprises to develop marketing strategies

11. To support target youth to manage their business marketing aspect effectively and increase their sales and maximize profit.

4. Consultant Responsibilities 

      The Trainer/Consultant’s responsibilities include:

Deliver training with the methodology, modules, schedules and venues provided by the client

?    Training to be delivered at Zonal and/or woreda towns of Amhara, Oromia and SNNP regions

?    Trainings to be delivered for three days (not including travel days)

?    Consultant must assign trainers that have matching language skills in the areas of the training that is being conducted in Amharic

?    Trainers assigned for this assignment must make sure to get familiarized with the training modules provided by the MOYESH team

?    The training team assigned in one training session should be two or more in number (one male and one female trainers)

?    Trainers must deliver the training considering the gender and safeguarding guidelines of icipe (which will be shared prior to the training sessions)

Seek feedback from participants to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the training.

Submit training report and post-test assessment results.

5.Expected Output

?    Training sessions designed for the planned marketing and financial literacy trainings based on the provided training modules

?    Training sessions delivered for three days in zonal towns of SNNP regions

?    Training reports submitted for each training session

?    Pre and Post training evaluation submitted for each training session


The consultant/trainer will implement all the activities (three days) under this ToR from (15-17 February 2021). The detail can be found below. The draft training report shall be submitted after three days of completion training.




Training center

Trained woredas




Wolayita Sodo

Kindokeisha, Gombora, Soro


Wolayita Sodo

Yirgachefe, Wonago



Mizan Tepi

Geisha, Gimbo, Shishonde


Mizan Tepi

Debub Bench, Sheko

Job Requirements

7. Competencies

General competencies of the trainer consultant are as follows:

?    Ability to work under pressure in challenging environments

?    Capacity to dialogue with different sectors

?    Excellent communication skills

?    Determination and focus on goals and results

?    Sound management and effective facilitation skills.

The selection of the firms for the service is based on the following criteria. These are the minimum qualification criteria. Better will be preferable while shortlisting the interested firms.

S. No.

Qualification Criteria

Supporting Document to be provided


Must have at least 5 years of existence in provision of training in Ethiopia in business development and management

Company Profile, Company registration documents


Must have executed at least 5 similar scale projects successfully.

·          Have worked or still works on provision of training in marketing and financial literacy (Proven success in Ethiopia)

·           Have proven successful implementation in the region and with government stakeholders

Recommendation letter, Work order/completion letter, contract document, Acceptance letter/certificate, or any related documents clearly demonstrating the objective of the work done.


Must  have  at  least  20 graduated  staff working to work as  trainers.

Company profile, CV of the personnel who shall work on this project if awarded.

Regional government and/or partner organization officials may visit the site to confirm this.


Company Registration, VAT & TAX


Company registration and renewal, VAT certificate


How to Apply

Interested consulting firms should submit a sealed proposal latest by the date specified below. Sealed proposals (technical and financial) received prior to the stated closing date will be kept unopened. Financial proposals must quote the price in ETB for the service will be paid for the service provider. Proposals received after the stipulated date will be invalidated. Due to the nature of the bid, there will be no public opening of the bid.

Deadline of submission: 28 th January 2021

Interested consulting firms should submit a sealed proposal to icipe office located at the ILRI Campus, CMC Road, Gurd Shola, Addis Ababa, Tel (office): +251-116 172 594, +251-116 172 258

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