Consultancy Work/ Review Ethiopia’s National Women Policy

TOR for Review of Ethiopian Women’s National Policy

TITLE: Review of 1993 Women’s National Policy

AGENCY/PROJECT NAME: CARE Ethiopia- Seize the Moment

COUNTRY OF ASSIGNMENT: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Type of Contract: Individual Contract (Team of an International and National Consultant)

Duration: 120 working days over the course of 6 months


The Seizing the Moment project has an overall purpose of strengthening the Ministry of Women Children and Youth (MoWCY) as an institution so that it can better support and hold other line ministries to account for delivery on gender transformative outcomes. This will be achieved by capitalising on the current dynamic political context in Ethiopia, and utilising CARE Ethiopia’s expertise and learning on gender transformative work in Ethiopia. CARE will partner with and support MoWCY to achieve the goals set in its ministerial mandate by providing learning, resources and technical support in the area of gender inclusive governance. The project is funded by the Department for International Development (DFiD).

The project intends to provide direct systems strengthening support to the Federal MoWCY in a first phase and to apply learning in a second phase that expands support to include two key Ministries with whom MoWCY shares responsibility and accountability for gender outcomes: the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA) and the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) with an explicit focus on the manufacturing sector.

In its first phase the project will work directly with MoWCY to strengthen it, looking at its staffing policies and, through an analysis and action methodology, helping uncover and address the organisational culture and capabilities that impact MoWCY’s ability to challenge unequal social norms within and outside the ministry and stand as a powerful institution that holds other ministries accountable.

As part of this process, a review of the Women’s National Policy will be conducted. The current Policy ooutlines the importance of women’s equal participation in all aspects of development and the subsequent benefits of their inclusion. It also outlines a structure at national and sub regional level to begin to implement the policy. While a bold policy in 1993, the Ministry recognizes the need to evaluate the progress made in women’s empowerment over more than two decades and the need for an updated Policy that reflects progress and defines strategic direction and intention for gender transformative change in line with other GoE priorities.


A consultant is required to review the 1993 Ethiopian National Women Policy and assess progress over the last 26 years in women’s empowerment and gender transformation. This may include Ethiopia’s (a) formulation of national level sectoral policies or strategies that positively mainstreamed gender (such as GTP II) or (b) ratification of international instruments such as the the Beijing Declaration, CEDAW, Agenda 2030, African Union Agenda 2063 and AU Gender Policy, Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights and on the Rights of Women in Africa, Solemn Declaration on Gender Equality, African Charter on the Rights of the Child, Protocol on the Suppression and Punishment of Trafficking in Persons Especially Women and Children, Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the United Nations’ Resolutions 1325, 60/2. Through this analysis, progress will be documented and current gaps will be identified for inclusion in an updated policy. This analysis will be presented by MoWCY to parliament to justify the need for an updated Policy for gender transformation under its continued leadership.

A more specific set of activities are outlined below to guide the consultant.


The assignment tasks will include:

  1. Development of a detailed Inception Report, indicating the roles and responsibilities of the consultant, the working group made up of MoWCY and CARE and work plan for the review of the 1993 Ethiopian National Women Policy. The Report is to be presented within five (20) days of signing the contract;
  2. Review the 1993 Ethiopian National Women Policy in alignment with the SDG 2030 and other international and regional plans and facilitate prioritization and integration of gender equality targets at national and sectorial levels;
  3. Review the 1993 Ethiopian National Women policy with the country’s different sectorial policies including the manufacturing sector policy and GTP II.This is to mean that the consultant is expected to review progress made through various sectoral and national policies, strategies and plans and identifying additional gaps to ensure gender transformation is achieved;
  4. Review all relevant international, regional and national instruments and documents, including the Ethiopian constitution, parliamentary reports, policy guidelines, and legal framework that provide the gender equality institutionalization, mainstreaming and implementation in the country;
  5. Conduct in-depth national stakeholder discussions, including parliament representatives, ministerial office representatives, community members and groups (women and the people leaving with disabilities), non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the private sector to solicit further inputs on the formulation of the reviewed National Women Policy and Strategy Action Plan document addressing the key focal areas: Constitution and Institutional Arrangements; Human Rights and Legal Regulatory Instruments of Good Practice; Gender Equality Development in economic sectors, economic infrastructure, social sector development, capacity building and good governance, human development and technology and in building democratic system;
  6. Review the national budgetary allocation and mainstreaming process and suggest improved resource envelops to meet gender equality outcomes;
  7. Develop a national stakeholders consultation report which includes strategy and action plan by national stakeholders;
  8. Prepare final policy review consolidated report.


The assignment will crystallize to the following deliverables:

  1. Inception Meeting and Inception Report detailing methodology and work plan including schedule of deliverables 20 days after signing of the contract.
  2. Stakeholder’s Consultations and Validation Reports.
  3. Final draft report of the reviewed National Women Policy, strategy and Action Plan
  4. Final consolidated report with 3-4 pages summary brief


The consultant will report to CARE seizing the Moment Project Manager and Project Senior Advisor with direct support from the working group made up of MoWCY and CARE.

The work of the Consultant is for 120 working days spread over for 6 months starting upon signing of contractual agreement.



· Masters in Gender Development Studies, Social Sciences, Law, Demography or similar degree

· Good knowledge and skills in Monitoring and Evaluation.

· 5 years’ experience in gender equality and policy development

· Knowledge of gender promoting and protecting international, regional and national instruments.

· Proven record and experience in policy formulation and in county experience (Ethiopia)

· Experience with development of Strategy Action Plans and Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks and research on gender and development.


· Strong conceptual and analytical skills, in particular on gender equality

· Excellent facilitation, communication, presentation and report-writing skills.

· Proven analytical, organizational development and inter-personal skills.

· Ability and demonstrated experience in working with multi-disciplinary teams.

· Ability to meet deadlines with minimum supervision.

· Proficiency in English, written and spoken.

For the recruitment process, participants are expected to review the ToR and come up with analysis of their own not exceeding 10 pages with CV and relevant experience. Participants that submit more than 10 pages as a technical proposal will be disqualified automatically.

How to apply:

Interested applicants can send their proposal (Technical and financial) to the emails below: cc:

CARE International in Ethiopia reserves the right to fully or partially reject this bid.

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