Log, Admin and Finance Officer

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Accounting and Finance

Job Description

                                                                      JOB OPPORTUNITY

                    External/ Internal

Reference No:  

Rec/ 104 /21

Job title:           

Log, Admin and Finance Officer


Amhara Region

Reports to:

Senior CMAM Programme Officer

No of Required

8 /Eight/

Closing date:    

December 22,2021

About GOAL

GOAL ’s mission is to work with the most vulnerable communities to help them respond to and recover from humanitarian crises, and to assist them to build transcendent solutions to mitigate poverty and vulnerability.

GOAL is a non-for profit organization that has been working in Ethiopia for over 30 years across all the region of the country towards ensuring the poorest and most vulnerable in our world and those affected by humanitarian crises have access to the fundamental rights of life, including but not limited to adequate shelter, food and livelihoods, water and sanitation, nutrition, healthcare and education. GOAL implements a range of multi-sectoral development, resilience, recovery and humanitarian responses Programmes by being sensitive to cross-cutting issues including gender, accountably, child protection, HIV/AIDS.

We envision a world where poverty no longer exist, where vulnerable communities are resilient, where barriers to wellbeing  are removed and where everyone has equal rights and  opportunities. GOAL Ethiopia’s main donors are Irish Aid, USAID/OFDA, EHF, ECHO and other private donors.


The LAF Officer : will be responsible for administering the Logistics, Finance and Human Resources of the programme area. Provide adequate logistics functioning of the programme by taking in to consideration the logistics manual application. Guarantying proper administration and finance support of the programme by applying all corresponding policies. Responsible to ensure consistent HR support and practical implementation of all tools.


Logistics Management

  • Ensure that Logistics manual are fully in place and responsible for its application
  • To undertake local procurement as required according to GOAL procurement policies; to ensure adequate documentation is prepared for all GOAL Purchases
  • To maintain a record of stocks in warehouse and GOAL stores and undertake weekly, monthly and quarterly stock checks and share reports with RRP Logistician and CMAM field Coordinator.
  • To control and manage all vehicles at CMAM site, to ensure that weekly safety checks are carried out, to ensure that CTC staff plan for the week, to carry out fuel consumption checks and ensure that logbooks are correctly filled in.
  • To control all assets belonging to CMAM site, to manage the equipment and ensure that equipment is properly used.
  • To undertake daily supervision of guards and cleaners
  • To ensure that compound of CMAM site is safe and secure and to GOAL standard.
  • To assist CMAM team with transport and pre-positioning of supplies
  • To obtain additional supplies for CMAM team from MoH, and to establish contact with MoH officials to facilitate supply lines
  • To control all logistics in Supplementary Food Programme if occurring at CMAM site.
  • To provide GOAL senior safety and security officer a regular update on the security situation when require
  • Control and record project fixed assets, to manage the equipment and ensure that equipment is properly used and prepare asset reports to Admin & finance officer (if any) or HOHR on monthly 

Financial Management

  • Maintain cashbooks and accounts records and ensure payments are allocated to the correct project and budget line
  • Ensure all the necessary documentation is collected, checked and attached to payment vouchers for submission to Head Office
  • Prepare monthly funds request in consultation with Head Office
  • Coding of transactions for the project floats and make sure it is in line with project budget lines
  • Prepare monthly expenditure report
  • Maintain float and loan and advanced registers
  • Produce personal bills for all personal use of telephone
  • Control and monitor all telephone logbooks at CMAM site
  • Ensure telephone and electricity bills are paid in time
  • Guaranty that Donor compliance aspects are respected and all related documentation are well filed
  • Ensure all Project, Logistic and Administration relevant documents are properly filed.

Admin.  & Human Resource Management :

The admin and Finance supervisor has a responsibility to implement the activities listed below and also to monitor, supervisor the task of the HR representative in the region.

Recruitment and Placement

·         Ensure the recruitment process is in line with HR Manual.

·         Ensuring that every recruitment have approved JR and revised JD is submitted with the JR.

·         Processing and handling the recruitment and selection of position on grade 4 and below.

·         Assisting the HOHR in the process of recruitment and selection of position on grade 5 and above as instructed.

·         Ensuring the placement is as per the Job Request and contract is in line with the grant period / as per the request.

·         Ensuring the placement is upon fulling the required documentation as per the personnel file checklist. 

·         Tracking and submitting recruitment updates to HOHR timely.

·         Recruitment racking sheet – making sure that recruitment is done in line with the checklist, the HR manual and the country law.

·         Induction – to provide and facilitate Induction for staff based at your area of responsibility.

Benefits Administration


·         Provide all documents related to payroll to HOHR / HR focal person preparing the payroll in advance.

·         Follow-up if employees received salary timely and communicate any problem.


·         Ensuring the pension process in the region/ are of responsibility is in line with the country’s law.

·         Ensuring employees who are hired from July 8, 2011 fill in pension profile form along with supporting document.

·         Follow-up any missing pension profile forma and related supporting document.

·         Submitting the pension profile form with the supporting document to the appropriate private organisation employee’s social security agency.

·         Making sure to get confirmation from the agency when submitting the pension profile. Record and send the confirmation to HOHR.

·         Following with the agency to receive employees’ pension ID and after getting the employees signature on the copy of the ID, issue the ID.

Leave Administration .

Annual leave

·         Liaise with field level HR focal person/line managers and ensure that all supervisors submit leave plan at the beginning of a fiscal year or at the beginning of contract.

·         Keep custody of the Annual Leave Plan and Annual Leave Request forms.

·         Ensuring that the leave format is completed properly, recorded in timesheet as well as leave tracker.

·         Monthly submit the hardcopy of the leave format together with the leave tracker to HOHR/ HR field focal person.

Other leave.

·         Ensuring that other leaves such as Sick, Emergency, maternity, leave without pay and other leaves are implemented according to HR Manual and country law.

·         Every month collect a status update from HR focal person to ensure that similar information is maintained in HOHR and at field site. Making sure appropriate documents are presented for Sick Leave, Marriage, Emergency, Maternity, Paternity, Special, Exam leave, etc. on time.

·         Ensuring that the leave format is completed properly, recorded in timesheet as well as leave tracker.

·         Timely submit leave document to be included in payroll; such as sick leave, leave without pay, etc.

·         Compile and submit with completed information the hard and soft copy leave forms together with any supporting documents monthly along with timesheet to the HOHR.

Performance Management

·         Send notifications and reminders to immediate managers to conduct performance appraisals for their subordinates as per the HR manual/ performance guideline.

·         Follow up on the implementation of the continuous performance appraisals process.

·         Ensuring that probation period performance is completed before an employment contract is extended.

·         Forward to HO HR/ field HR focal person to file all documents of the continuous performance appraisal to file in the Personnel File.

·         Communicate timely to HOHR and his/her immediate supervisor for any gaps or outstanding performance.

Training and Development .

·         As per the annual HR training plan or as instructed execute and facilitate training.

·         Facilitating LINGO training as per the requirement/ need.

Employee relation

·         Initiates activities that builds team sprit among staff at you are of responsibility and in liaison with HOHR implement the activities.

·         Handle Disciplinary issues as per GE HR manual or instructed.

·         Report immediately cases related to absenteeism, fraud, sexual harassment or serious offences to HOHR

·         Take initiatives to be proactive to resolve any grievance or complaint the staff raise by discussing with the relevant department.


Data Management

·         Regular update any HR related tracking sheet or data base as per the need.

·         Ensure confidentiality of any staff or HR related information.

Personnel Records Management

·         Keep personnel file record and follow up the completion of personnel file as per the checklist.

·         Submit monthly the required personnel file document to HOHR.

·         Ensure that document issued to the staff are signed by the employee him/her self and submitted to HOHR.

Timesheet Administration

·         Familiarize self to the Timesheet Administration System and follow up with strict compliance with standard and deadline.

·         Receive the correct and final donor allocation from HO HR/ field HR representative by the 11th day of the following month.

·         Prepare timesheet according to the allocation figure and circulate for signature among staff members.

·         Received field timesheet from HR representative and review the timesheet before submitting it to HOHR.

·         Submit signed timesheet documents to HO every month along with the supporting document.

·         Follow-up on the timesheets which requires correction.

·         Upon departure check availability of timesheet documents with correct allocation and sign on clearance paper confirming the same.

·         Make sure that the timesheet, contract and payroll is in line with the organogram.

Office and canteen Management

·         Review existing office management system and canteen. Recommend ways of improvement and follow up.

·         Supervising and coaching the activities of the HR representative in the following major office management areas.

·         Ensure that copies of all outgoing letters are properly registered and maintained within a master file (for letters, memos & fax)

·         Maintain an efficient filing system for documents, books and references.

·         Keep track of adverts, notices and memos issued from HR to be posted in notice board in HO and field offices. Ensure that all offices has got the message on time and posted as required and follow up on inquires on notices and communicate to HR manager.

  Staff Termination

·         Track employment contract end date and ensure that proper notice of termination letters or extension (if required) are issued to staff members as necessary after consulting with HOHR.

·         Collect resignation letter from staff members and notify Admin and HR officers responsible for payroll, leave and benefit administration. Making sure that it is captured in payroll.

·         In advance start the exit process upon receiving resignation of staff or project closure or contract end date.

·         Ensure the departing staff member utilized any outstanding leave before last date of employment.

·         Make sure exit interviews are conducted in a productive way by explaining that the feedback is valuable input for the betterment of the organization and encouraging staff members to be genuine while filling the form.

·         Track the exit interview and provide analyses /report as per the schedule.

·         Liaise with appropriate departments at field office to fill in clearance form as per their area of responsibility and clearance paper is submitted to HOHR for approval.

·         Ensure that clearance and termination payment are collected within 6 month after termination of contract.

·         Ensure that termination payment is collected by ex-employee as soon as the completion of clearance.

·         Ensuring that the required document is issued to the staff and to HOHR for filling purpose.


Supervision and additional role.

·         Making sure to supervise staff under your line of reporting. 

·         Perform any other related duties assigned by Immediate Supervisor and HR Team.

·          Making sure to engage in the performance appraisal of your functional subordinates.

·         During opening of a new sites play a coordination role to make sure that HR has contributed significantly in the operation and all the required staff need are in place including what is expected from HR touch the ground. .

·         Participate in collective leadership of the HR department. 

·         Take part in special assignment and committee works as and when required.

·         Perform any other relevant duties as requested by the supervisor.

·         On a regular seek from the region different work-related polices such as hardship, tax directives, transportation and the like polices, directives etc.

·         On induction, brief to new staff on Goal’s anti-harassment, Child Protection and HIV/AIDS as work place polices, ethics and compliance and other polices.

·         Actively promote staff sensitivity and awareness to Gender, HIV/AIDS and Child Protection, accountability, etc issues.

·         Gives positive practical support to staff especially those who my feel vulnerable, victimized or unfairly treated.

·         Act as a role model and provide feedback to encourage others in supporting employment equity and diversity principals, and the accommodation of others differences in the workplace. Models the flexibility required for working in a diverse environment

Communication and Reporting

·         Maintain good internal communications and relationship with departments and Field Sites and provide relevant information on time, as and when requested.

·         Handling necessary HR related communications through email, telephone & fax.

·         Handle all staff related issues and correspondences in accordance to the HR manual and the Labour Law.

·         On monthly based report to HOHR as per the reporting format together with the necessary supporting documents.

·         Provide monthly report to the HAHR/ field HR focal person on activities carried out during the month as per the format, within three days after end of the month.

·         When requested Report to HO in person to submit the monthly report and other related assignments.

Job Requirements


Do you want to join an exciting organization that brings high level impact to the community and add value to your professional advancement? Then join us if you have:

·         BA/Diploma in Accounting or related field with 2/4 years’ experience in Finance in an NGO environment

·         Previous logistics, finance and HR/admin experienced with NGO’s or private field

·         Has initiative; creativity and independent to perform the job properly

·         Dynamic person

·         Good communication skill both verbal and written in English and Amharic

·         Honest and know how to manage problem resolutions

·         Management skills of staff (subordinates)

·         High level of accuracy, attention to details.

·         Ability to deliver task on deadline.

·         Willing to travel to remote areas and to camp in the field, ability to work flexibly including weekends and willingness to travel and work in rural locations and live in basic conditions.

·         Understanding the nature of emergency in Humanitarian Response Programme and willing to travel and live in field site, with frequent transfer from site to site.

·         Very good knowledge and application of MS-Office, especially Excel.

·         Good English communication skill (written and spoken).

·         Experience and knowledge of USAID/OFDA, ECHO, EHAF, Irish Aid, etc. fund management.

·         Team oriented, flexible, and creative approach; keen to take initiative where appropriate.

·         Accountability & responsiveness within areas of responsibilities,

Desirable/Advantageous Credentials :

·         Very good application of SAGE

·         Knowledge and application of advanced excel.

·         Knowledge and application of other accounting software package, Peachtree, SUN, etc.

·         Strong knowledge in interpretation and application of Ethiopian Labor Law and other relevant legislations relevant to HR.

·         Having Training on any HR related areas.

·         Knowledge of local language


Note: This description is not an exhaustive list of the skill, effort, duties, and responsibilities associated with the position.


·         GOAL will pay a competitive basic salary based on the salary grading with addition benefits.

·         A chance to develop tangible experience.

·         Being part of a team who continue to make a real difference to the lives of the most vulnerable people.  


GOAL’s recruitment procedure is fair and transparent which is also in line with the organization’s commitment to its integrity, honesty and culture. GOAL is committed to ensure that, its performance complies with the terms and conditions of relevant agreements, applicable laws & regulations. Hence, pre-employment background checks will be conducted, and employees are required to read, understand, sign and implement different polices including safe guarding and child protection policy, Protection from Sexual Exploitation and abuse policy, sexual harassment policy, code of conducts and any other rules and regulation of the organization.

GOAL is strongly committed not to harm the people under its care.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified applicants need to submit ONLY once their non - returnable application with CV for one vacancy. The vacancy reference number along with the title need to be written in the application letter and/or subject of the email. Applicants can apply using the following option.

 Applicants who have access to the internet can directly apply online using [email protected] or  ethiojobs.net. (The vacancy reference number along with Job Title needs to be written on subject of the email, failing to do this may lead to disqualification).

GOAL strongly encourages female candidates to apply!

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview and exam.

Shortlisted candidates will need to submit other supporting documents upon request at later stage.

GOAL is not able to contribute towards any costs incurred by candidates during the recruitment process.

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